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How to Unlock Characters Guide

Evil Dead: The Game Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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Evil Dead: The Game - How to Unlock Characters Guide

There are five playable characters you can unlock in the Evil Dead: The Game with a sixth due to be added soon. Take a look at our How to Unlock Character Guide to find out how you access these iconic characters from the Evil Dead franchise.

To unlock more playable characters in Evil Dead: The Game you need to complete the single player missions. Initially only the first mission is available, but missions will unlock sequentially as you complete the one before it. Each of the missions places you on a map and challenges you to complete numerous objectives. Upon completion of a mission you will be given various rewards, one of which may be a new playable character. Listed below are the characters and the corresponding mission you need to complete to unlock them.

How to unlock Ash Vs Evil Dead Ash Williams:

Complete Mission 1: 'If You Love Someone, Set Them Freeā€¦ With a Chainsaw'. Ash's passive skills are designed to improve the abilities of his teammates, making him a perfect leader. He starts every match with a chainsaw, his most distinct and iconic weapon.

Alternative Healing
Succesful heavy melee attacks partially restore health for you and your nearby teammates.

Marked target: Damage
Headshots will mark the target; a follow-up shot from a teammate will deal additional damage. (Unlock at level 10)

Marked Target: Healing
Headshots will mark the target; a follow-up shot from a teammate will restore a percentage of the damage to them as health. (Unlock at level 25)

How to unlock Amanda Fisher:

You'll unlock this Ash Vs Evil Dead character by completing Mission 3: 'Kill 'Em All'. This mission can be accessed by opening the Missions tab from the main menu and choosing the tape on the top right. Amanda Fisher is a Michigan State Police detective who is a pistol-focused character who can devastate foes at range.

Ammo for Days (Active Skill):
When activated, this ability allows you to temporarily fire your ranged weapons without expending any ammunition.

Trusty Sidearm:
Start the match with a pistol.

Accuracy Counts (Level 10 to unlock):
Damage dealt by your ranged weapons increases with each consecutive hit.

Weapon Master Pistol (Level 25 to unlock):
The Pistol has increased damage and attack speed, as well as increased balance bar and dismemberment range.

How to unlock Pablo Simon Bolivar:

Pablo is also from Ash Vs Evil Dead, and you'll unlock him by completing Mission 4: 'It's not gonna let us go!' which involves the search for Ash's hand and El Brujo. Pablo is a support character and starts with a Shemp's Cola and an amulet, and can carry more Shemp's Colas or amulets.

Gift From El Brujo Especial
Activating this skill will have Pablo Simon Bolivar create an amulet and drop it.

Infernal Camouflage
This ability keeps Demons from detecting Demon Vision.

Legacy of El Brujo
This gives the player an additional amulet from the beginning of a match.

Shamanic Protection
This makes the Shield Bar gradually recover health until one bar is completely filled.

How to unlock Lord Arthur from Army of Darkness:

Complete Mission 5: 'Homecoming King'. Make sure at the start of this mission you loot Lucky Vally Lodge for healing items and a crossbow. You can find Excalibur, his legendary sword at Payne Manor, southeast of the Demonic Treehouse.

Weapon Master: Heavy Attacks
You and all teammates within the aura's radius deal increased damage with heavy melee attacks; start the match with a sword.

Weapon Master: Light Attacks
You and all teammates within the aura's radius deal increased damage with light attacks (Unlock at level 10)

Fuel the Fire
If you perform a finisher while Lord's Wrath is active, the ability lasts longer.

Survivor Characters

Unlocking the playable characters above will flesh out your Survivor roster and give you more options when deciding whether to play as a hunter, leader, support, or warrior. Listed below are all the Survivor Characters in Evil Dead: The Game.

Leader Characters
- Annie Knowby
- Ash Williams (TV Series)
- Lord Arthur

Warrior Characters
- Ash Williams (Army of Darkness)
- Scotty
- Henry the Red

Hunter Characters
- Amanda Fisher
- Ash Williams (Evil Dead 2)
- Ed Getley
- Kelly Maxwell

Support Characters
- Pablo
- Ash Williams (Evil Dead)
- Cheryl Williams

Demon Characters

In Evil Dead: The Game you are able to play as demons. Listed below are the three categories of demons you can choose from.

- Deadite
- Deadite Elite
- Henrietta

- Evil Ash
- Skeleton
- Skelton Elite

- Eligos
- Demi Eligos
- Deadite Berserker

Take a look at our Beginner Tips and Tricks to get help in Evil Dead: The Game.

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