10 Big Issues With Pokemon GO

As Pokemon GO continues to grow in both Pokemon found within the game and players from across the globe joining in the fun, there is little to no doubt that Niantic, the developers of the hit mobile game, will have some explaining to do with issues that presently surround the game and questions for its foreseeable future. There is so much mystery at the present time on how exactly Niantic will resolve these problems, some of which are more obvious than others from player to player. And is exactly why we have decide to comprise a list of the ten more glaring questions Niantic presently faces and will face with the game known as Pokemon GO moving forward.

As briefly mentioned, a few of these questions are already being asked by some Pokemon GO players. Honestly, one or two of them have been being asked about for quite some time, even as far back as when the game was first in its infancy. And yet, most of them found in this here article still have to do with future Generations and Pokemon to come. No matter the case, we will examine each of these questions, the same that aren’t rated in any specific order of importance, even providing a guess or two on how Niantic could solve the issue before they get out of hand (if they aren’t already).

If at any given time while reading this article you would like to share your thoughts, you can do so in the comments section provided at the bottom of the page. Whether you would like to add something about one of our selections, voice whether you or disagree or agree with one of them or even some of our thoughts, or if you would like to share one of the questions you personally think Niantic faces with Pokemon GO that we forgot to mention, you can do all of this and more in that same area provided below.

With all of that said, here are the ten questions we feel that Niantic faces with Pokemon GO moving forward! We truly hope you enjoy!


Trading has been the biggest question Niantic has had to deal with Pokemon GO since the game was first released close to two years ago, and it will continually be the greatest one they will face until it has been added to Pokemon GO. We get it: Trading will take away most of the concepts that Pokemon GO proudly stands for. If and when trading comes, no longer will players have to scour the earth in hopes of finding every last Pokemon on their own and slowly collecting Pokemon Candy one by one in order to evolve and power up their Pokemon. Instead, all players will have to do is offer up a Pokemon and ask for one they need in return. From there, all they literally will have to do is wait for another trainer to accept said trade, which is far easier than hunting for Pokemon you may never find.

On top of taking away from the principles Pokemon GO stands for, trading will most likely take away from the the revenue Niantic and the Pokemon Company earn from the game’s shop. Let’s face it, there will really be no need to spend your real world money when you can trade for any Pokemon your heart desires. And we all know the Pokemon Company doesn’t want that to happen! From there, Niantic is also dealing with the problem of how trading will be orchestrated. What if a higher leveled trainer was to trade a maxed out Metagross to a brand new trainer? Would said new trainer suddenly have said Pokemon with the exact same, super high Combat Power Level? Or would it be converted to match their given trainer level? And if so, how would Niantic create a system to properly do that very thing.

As you can see, there is a lot of issues that come along with trading in Pokemon GO, which is why there are so many questions besides when it coming that revolves around it. However, since players desire this more than anything else, Niantic continues to be hard at work at getting it (eventually) done for all trainers to enjoy.

Posted: 15th May 2018 by Team SuperCheats