10 Things Absolutely Broken In Pokemon GO

Even though Pokemon GO is one of the more popular mobile games in recent memory and is yet still going strong, there are a number components within the game that most players feel are broken. By saying broken, we aren’t referring to a persistent technical issue, but rather a given aspect or Pokemon within the game that makes no sense on being the way it is. From a Pokemon being too overpowered or a feature within the game being harder than it should be, there are actually quite a few things broken in this hit mobile game. And that is exactly why we have decided to put together a list of the ten things absolutely broken in Pokemon GO!

We think we absolutely nailed each of our selections in this here article, but if at any given time you think we missed the mark with one of our selections, you can comment in the section provided below each and every page with your thoughts. If you think we crushed it with one of our picks, of course, you can also let us know in this same area provided. You can even tell us some of the things you personally find as being broken in Pokemon GO in this same place!

So, without even another moment to lose, here are the ten things that are absolutely broken in Pokemon GO. We truly hope you enjoy!

Gym Defender Blissey

If you’ve ever played Pokemon GO, than odds are you have run into a Blissey that has been placed at a Gym. Outside of just a few Pokemon, Blissey is an absolute nightmare to face at any Gym. The main reason for Blissey’s dominance is its extraordinary Stamina Stat, being the highest out of all the Pokemon in all of Pokemon GO. Actually, Blissey has the highest Base HP Stats in the Mainstream Pokemon Games too, meaning it will continue to have the greatest Stamina Stat even as more and more generations are added to Pokemon GO. Not only is Blissey broken now, but this means it will continue to be as long as Pokemon GO is alive and well.

Blissey was so dominate after the 2nd Generation had come to Pokemon GO that it knocked off Snorlax as the best Gym Defender on the first day it was available. Blissey was so overpowered that Niantic, the developers of the hit mobile game, literally had to shut down the old Prestige Gym System and replace it with the current Motivation Gym System so that players could actually defeat a Gym. Now, only one Blissey can be placed at every Pokemon Gym, which, rest assure, it always is. Only having to defeat one Blissey instead of ten sure does make things easier, but Blissey, if strong enough, can still take out multiple Pokemon as a Gym Defender, possibly entire teams at a time. She’s literally that horrible if you’re on the receiving end of her endless wrath!

Posted: 6th May 2018 by Warrior13
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