5 Top Skyrim YouTubers

We all know that Skyrim is a fantastic game, still played on a daily basis by thousands of people around the world. There is a strong community of fans and also an active modding community which is extending the life and interest in the game.

There are also a number of really cool YouTubers that cover this game, here is a rundown of our favourite 5.

1. Gopher

If you love the skyrim then you must have heard about Gopher. He is among the best skyrim youtubers doing great with constant release of videos. Better still, if you have watched his skyrim videos before then you can agree with me that he has got it all right. He balances it well with character role play and his general commentaries, which make it simple to follow. What you will love most about his skyrim videos, is his indecisiveness. It does the trick of making the game to be more realistic, which makes you enjoy the video. Of course you will be eager to get to the next video of his series. It is one of the skyrim video game that you would not mind watching it over and over. Gopher is probably most gamers’ favourite player and be guaranteed that you will get the best of his game too. You should therefore purposely reserve your best time to watch his skyim game too.

You can check out Gopher's videos on his YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/GophersVids

2. Danznewz

Danznewz is another best skyrim player that you will like to watch whenever you got free time. Actually it is because of his ability to drive your feelings and emotions down deep to the end of the video. If you ask anybody who is into his videos then you will come to realize that everybody misses his play. He has got some sort of childish wonderment that would take your emotion high and you may want to cry after watching the entire video. Many players absolutely love his videos and you should be challenged to go for any of his videos.

Here is a link to Danznewz' YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/DanzNewzMachin..

3. MxR

MxR is yet another skyrim youtuber doing the best in this category. He plays one of the most entertaining skyrim games and can be the best for you if you are looking to relax your mind. He also gives good stuff more often and you would long to catch the latest of his videos. Actually his skyrim video games would not disappoint you and of course it would not do more favour than to recommend this to you. He is good at emphasizing his mods while showcasing them. He covers all types of quality graphics that everyone who love skyrim yearns for. I do not know how to describe it further but all I can do is to challenge you to have a look at his skyrim videos.

MxR's YouTube channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/user/MMOxReview

4. Sorcerer Dave

Sorcerer Dave has the best introduction ever. It got my engagement driven deep at the first trial. Initially I used to hear most of my friends talk about Sorcerer Dave skyrim.I could ignore their stories about how best he could play because I thought I knew the best types of skyrim on you tube. Like me, you may also be wrong to think that you have had the best till you watch sorcerer Dave. He has got the best play in his skyrim video game. His games are so hilarious and you may not get bored while watching them. You just feel like laughing endlessly. I just find myself going through it over and over.

You can find his channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOVxXJSvl3..

5. Robazz

Most of skyrim lovers know how best Robazz in skyrim world is. There is no doubt that it is the best skyrim video on youtube.Robazz is known for releasing excellent role playing skyrim game. He is just another good skyrim video player that I dare you to go for. I normally hate’ let’s play’ but to be frank, this is just awesome. His styles of let’s play’ are so amazing and have a lot of fun. You are not going to waste your bunch of hours watching his games.

You should feel comfortable checking on these youtubers skyrim videos now that I have given you hint on where you can get the best. Actually, you will enjoy the game if you choose the best game player. Now you do not have to go through lots of skyrim games to get best of it. All you have to do is to try the above skyrim youtubers to check on their best stuff. It would be crucial if you learn how to get best of this skyrim videos.

Robazz' channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN474WQPkq..

There are plenty of other cool Skyrim YouTubers, this is just a selection of our favourite 5.