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Game Reviews for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


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nightmare215th Nov 2011, ID #1383
Skyrim, the 5th installment of The Elder Scrolls series revolves around the northern part of Tamriel, Skyrim, which is in a civil war and under the threat of the return of dragons. You play as a dra..

Rating: 100%Read Full Review

Guest27th Dec 2011, ID #1390
Okay first of all this game is great and has well over 150+ hours of gameplay but we all already knew that didn't we? No you're here for the cold hard truth behind the game and i'll tell you like it..

Rating: 90%Read Full Review

Jakethesnake1422nd Feb 2012, ID #1398
Skyrim is the fifth game in the Elder Scrolls series. In this game, you play a Dragonborn prisoner, who is saved from execution and must fulfill his destiny to become Dovakhiin. Skyrim takes you fro..

Rating: 98%Read Full Review

Guest14th May 2012, ID #1408
First of all hi.I really like this game as I'm really into RPG's but there are some issues with the game which I will get to soon enough.just remember that my review is my opinion and mine alone and..

Rating: 94%Read Full Review

Will d (mr ramdom)2nd Jul 2012, ID #1414
Set in the northern most region of a fantasy world known as Tamriel, Skyrim is teeming with life, both wild and domesticated. Currently in a state of civil war, in danger of countless Dragons and fi..

Rating: 94%Read Full Review


Quick Reviews

SkyrimAdded 23 Jul 2015, ID #18621
I just absolutely love this game. Every time I begin a new game, it goes a pretty different direction than my previous one. I can't count the numerous times I've started over. I don't rekon I'll ever get tired of playing.

SkyrimAdded 4 Mar 2014, ID #18241
Skyrim is awesome.I suggest you get the game if you don't have it.It is alot of fun,It may be violent,but it shows alot of action and what the medieval days was like.
It is incredabily amazing the graphics are realilistic
And when I say realilistic I mean realistic.

It's an awsome and almost endless game, and you can also downloaAdded 26 Jun 2013, ID #17948
I have played it ALOT, both on my Xbox and PC, I have recommended it to all of my friends, and ALL of them likes it, Skyrim is totaly worth the 29 euro!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim | Xbox 360Added 9 Mar 2013, ID #9067

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