The Top 5 Best Skyrim Mods

Sometimes its hard for a video game player to get a good game that is both entertaining and amazing. Skyrim is an amazing game that continues to provide players with a unique gaming experience and although it was released about three years ago, its still an amazing game that you should definitely have on your hard disk. Below are some of the Top 5 best Skyrim mods.

5. The Skyrim Redone

Skyrim Redone Video Review

Its amazing and actually very essential in the development of your characters and provides you with many options. You can be able to choose various bows and swords to assist you in specializing. You can also be able to disguise yourself so that you can resemble a Forsworn, blow some camps inhabited by bandits using explosives and also harvest some bones.

The perk trees also provide you with many possibilities from which you can be able to choose from. The Skyrim redone will also provide you with various adjustments that are able to work cohesively with your tools.

This mod was a result of approximately 500 hours of gaming and more than one thousand hours were used in modding. This mod provides you with a gaming experience that is of high quality to ensure that you always enjoy yourself.

It also provides you with new stats, perks and skills so as to give the game a new and improved look.

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