Top 10 Best Video Game Stories

If you told the pioneering computer scientist Allan Alcorn – back in the early seventies – that video games would one day rival movies as a storytelling device, he'd probably laugh in your face. These days, not so much. While the gameplay remains the most important part of a game, the narrative experience has become almost equally as important. The best narrative-driven games can connect with you in a way no movie every could. Here is our list of the ten best video game stories of all time:

10. Full Throttle

LucasArts adventures are mostly known for their wacky humor and confounding puzzles. Full Throttle took a slightly different approach – while the game is still uproariously funny at times, there's a hint of profound sadness about it. Though Full Throttle can be finished in just 5-6 hours, Ben and Maureen will stay with you long after you put the game down. This was Tim Schafer's first standalone project, and its favorable reception paved the way for what would come three years later.

9. Mass Effect

Though the sequels were undeniably more fun to play, it was the first Mass Effect that actually made you care about its world. Placed in the year of 2183, this game showed that the sci-fi genre still has a lot of appeal with the gaming public. The production, the voice acting and the soundtrack are all spectacular, but it's the game's narrative that holds it all together. Even if you don't care about the sulky Commander Shepard himself, the cast of characters around him all have fabulous backstories that are very much worth exploring.