Top 10 Disturbing Pokemon Facts

Ghosts Are Real

We, by no stretch of the imagination, are saying that ghosts / spirits don't exist in the real world, but they definitely roam the Pokemon World. And these aren't your typical boo ghosts, rather than twisted monsters looking to take your soul. These ghosts are what us in the real world have nightmares about as to what we think ghost would do to us. The Pokemon Creators took these fears and made them into reality within the Pokemon World.

It's beyond reason as to why some trainers would want to catch one of these ghosts. Sure, some of them have incredible power, but is that worth losing your life over? Gastly will suffocate you to death with its fumes; Haunter's lick with cause you to have fatal seizures; Banette will stalk and murder you if you abandon it; Hoopa would cause the utter destruction of the world; Gourgeist and Honedge would suffocate you and laugh while doing so; Gengar will stalk your shadow in wait to take your life; Duskull will take you to hell if Dusclops doesn't eat you first; Drifloon will steal you away; Dusknoir will kidnap you to the spirit world; Litwick will lead you to your final destination; Cofagrigus will eat you and turn you into a mummy; and, last but certainly not least, Hypno will kidnap and eventually eat you, while it haunts your loved ones dreams. Yeah... Just caught the Dratini and put the effort into it...

A little different than the moving doors of the real world, right? The Pokemon World takes the theme of spirits and ghosts and takes it to a whole other level. With these things roaming around, you question whether why parents would allow their ten year old children to leave home; one day they're starting their adventure, and the next they're dead because of a Haunter. Not so bad staying at home and watching some tv, am I right?

Not to forget the Old Chateau Residents and the Lumiose City Ghost Girl...

Posted: 10th Jun 2015 by Warrior13
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