Top 10 Disturbing Pokemon Facts

The Fate Of The World Rests Upon... Ten Year Olds?

Now this one is a troubling one, if you actually stop and think about it. Over the fifteen plus years of Pokemon, there has been many crime organizations that have sprung up seeking world domination. And time after time, it is up to a ten year old to stop them. Not the Police, nor any of the Gym Leaders, nor the Elite Four, and not even the Champion... But a ten year old! How is that possible? But the bigger question is... Why would it be like that?

Ten year old children, in the real world, are still in elementary school; they should be learning more and enjoying life, not having to save the world. They don't know much about the real world... Shoot! They don't even know what's it's like to have more than one teacher per day. And yet, in the Pokemon World, they need to be able to stop criminal masterminds? And that makes sense how? I know it doesn't take much to raise your Pokemon (since even children can do it) , but these criminals should have a much higher intellect and should be pros compared to a ten year old. Yes, there has been some great ten year olds in the Pokemon World, like Ash and Red, but come on. If the Police can't stop them, then the Champion of that Region needs to step up and take care of them - they are the overseer and strongest trainer in their given regions. If they can't do it, then no one can; if they can't do it, then what makes you think it's possible for a ten year old to?

It doesn't make sense as to why the fate of the world should rest upon a kid, but that's how things work in the Pokemon World - a very troubling thought.

Posted: 10th Jun 2015 by Warrior13
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