Top 10 Disturbing Pokemon Facts

Not Too Many Adults

As more and more years of Pokemon have come, more adults have been seen in the series; however, that wasn't always the case. In the original first seasons of Pokemon, children seemed to dominate the Pokemon World. The only real adults were Ash's Mother, Brock's Parents, Professor Oak, Sabrina's Dad, Lt. Surge, and Professor Oak, and most of them were relatively young. As to why the shortage of adult figures? No one really knows. It's a fascinating thought when you actually think about it, and many fans have their own idea as to why this is.

The Pokemon Creators most likely might have been going with that whole Peanuts or Kids Next Door Theme, where they really didn't want adults to be a focus during the original seasons. HOWEVER... Some Pokemon experts believe there might be another reason...

Within the early Pokemon Games, Lt. Surge told of a war he was in that he almost died in, if it weren't for the help of his Pokemon. This thought might explain as to why there is a severe shortage of adults, and why the ones that are around aren't too old. Obviously, most of the men had to go out into the battlefield to fight. People of significant status, such as the Professors (Oak, Birch, Rowan), were excused from their duties due to their positions, which is why they're still around. Perhaps it was even the war AZ was talking about in the newer Pokemon Games? This theory would also give a proper reason as to where Ash's father is, rather than just leaving that unanswered.

It's a nice little theory, and it makes a lot of sense, but it's just theory; there is no proof that it's legitimate. Whether it's true or not, the problem of a shortage of adults at hand still remains...

Posted: 10th Jun 2015 by Warrior13
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