The Top 10 Mistakes that New Pokemon Trainers Make

02. Forgetting to Save the Game

One of the basic features of the Pokemon games is their save-anytime, save-anywhere ability. Where a lot of RPGs leave the player forced to work between checkpoint saves, or only allow them to save at specific key locations like save-terminals, Pokemon trainers can simply tap 'X' to open the main menu and d-pad down to save their game.

But therein lies the rub. You see the game does not save FOR you, you have to save the game. And a lot of new players forget that.

The reason that this one landed at the Number 1 Slot is simple: Nothing sucks worse than to spend a few hours playing, making excellent progress, and capturing lots of Pokemon only to lose ALL of that progress when you shut off the power and close your 3DS without thinking about it!

What is worse is that if your 3DS battery dies on you its the same result - you lost your progress.

The best fix for this problem is to develop a solid habit of saving the game in set locations. For example what we do is whenever we visit a Pokemon Center on the way out when we step in the center of the Poke Ball that is tiled into the floor we save. Always.

Another habit to build is to always save before going into a major battle. Still another we have heard from other trainers is to always save whenever you shift zones.

When you apply these habits to your game consistently you will find that you never lose progress - and to make that doubly sure, add always and religiously saving before quitting!

Posted: 16th Apr 2015 by CMBF
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