The Top 10 Mistakes that New Pokemon Trainers Make

04. Failing to Leverage Resources

This is one of the most common mistakes that new trainers make - failing to make full use of the various resources in the game.

The most common failure in this most common of failures is not taking full advantage of the new combined Pokemon Center / Pokemon Stores.

Remember that any time you bring your Poke Balls to Nurse Joy they do not simply get their HP reset and any Status Ailments healed - they ALSO get their PP count reset for each and every move in their moves set.

Sure they may only be down 10 HP so it may not seem like taking the time to hit Nurse Joy up for a heal, but considering that you used more than half of the PP for Tackle there is no excuse for NOT using the heal facility!

More than that though, new trainers should be making it a habit to avail themselves of the facilities whenever a Pokemon Center is within a stone's throw!

Ideally the habit they build will have them automatically hit the Center and heal up, then the Store to top-off their supplies. Each Trainer has their own comfort level in terms of supporting kit - for us that is a set number of Poke and Great Balls, a set number of Potions and Super Potions, and of course a set number of each of the utility objects (think Antidote, Awakening, etc.) because you never need that extra Antidote until you really NEED that extra Antidote!

A good habit to get into is to save your game before exiting the Pokemon Center so that it becomes automatic for you.

Another mistake that new trainers make that is related is avoiding contact with the NPCs of the world.

Sure it makes sense to assume that an NPC out in the wilderness is really just an NPC Trainer looking for a fight - but not always - and especially not always when in towns or buildings!

When new trainers avoid NPCs they are also avoiding free kit items, free Poke Balls, free (and often very useful advice), sometimes a Free Pokemon (in the form of an in-game trade) and more often than not a battle that is worth serious coin for the winning!

Food for thought and to wonder how it is that this mistake is so common?

Posted: 16th Apr 2015 by CMBF
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