The Top 10 Mistakes that New Pokemon Trainers Make

07. Failure / Refusal to Train

Personally I was shocked to discover how often this mistake is made by new trainers. It is probably part of the common pattern of mistaking the assembly of the first six Pokemon as a viable team, and perhaps partly not understanding why putting in the time and the effort is worth it...

There is also the tendency for new trainer to overly-rely on their Starter Pokemon, using them as their Chuck Norris Pokemon in the mistaken belief that the Starter will be able to carry the day for every critical battle including Gym Battles.

This is just not the case, though it is understandable. Most trainers (us too) keep their Starter as part of their team from start to end - and there is nothing wrong with that. But your Starter is not the magic bullet for every battle. That has to be understood early on!

Thanks to items like Experience Share you can very easily bring even the lower-level captures up to fighting weight in practically no time - and there is very good reason to do so, as we will now explain.

Under optimal conditions you have obtained each type of Pokemon for your A-Team, and you are keeping them all at team level or better. The Team/Party Level is basically the target level for your next Gym Battle.

It is very important that you have six Pokemon (your party) able to participate in each Gym Battle because if luck goes against you or your understanding of moves and stats is not fluent just yet you may very well NEED all six of them!

It would be a very good idea for you to obtain a Type-Chart so that you can learn which Pokemon types are strong - and weak - against other Pokemon types.

What we mean by leveling the party for Gym Battles is simple too - each Gym will have Pokemon who are of specific levels. One of the prime reasons for doing the Gym Battles is because each Gym Badge ups the level of Pokemon you can successfully give orders to.

The Gym Level Guide and Level Targets are as follows:

Gym #1: Santalune City - Leader Viola - Bug-type - Pokemon Levels 10 - 12

Gym #2: Cyllage City - Leader Grant - Rock-type - Pokemon Levels 25

Gym #3: Shalour City - Leader Korrina - Fighting-type - Pokemon Levels 28 - 32

Gym #4: Courmaline City - Leader Ramos - Grass-type - Pokemon Levels 30 - 34

Gym #5: Lumiose City - Leader: Clemont - Electric-type - Pokemon Levels 33 - 37

Gym #6: Laverre City - Leader: Valerie - Fairy-type - Pokemon Levels 38 - 42

Gym #7: Anistar City - Leader: Olympia - Psychic-type - Pokemon Levels 44 - 48

Gym #8: Snowbelle City - Leader: Wulfric - Ice-type - Pokemon Levels 55 - 59

As you can see the levels vary but lack an y uniformity that is predictable in the sense that you can just level a set number between each gym. On the other hand, level requirements are relatively low for these gyms, which will certainly speed up your party/team building...

The Gym Badge Control Limits are as follows:

1 Badges - Obedient up to level 30;

2 Badges - Obedient up to level 40;

3 Badges - Obedient up to level 50;

4 Badges - Obedient up to level 60;

5 Badges - Obedient up to level 70;

6 Badges - Obedient up to level 80;

7 Badges - Obedient up to level 90;

8 Badges - All Pokémon are obedient.

Once you have obtained all eight Gym Badges in addition to the story play, you will be headed for the Elite 4 and the Championships...

The Elite 4 Level Targets:

The ultimate battles in which you prove yourself mean you will want to be well-leveled and pick the right team for ALL of the battles since you do them one-after-the-other and cannot change up your team or re-supply between them.

Elite #1: Malva - Fire-type - x4 @ Pokemon Levels 63 - 65

Elite #2: Wikstrom - Steel-type - x4 @ Pokemon Levels 63 - 65

Elite #3: Drasna - Dragon-type - x4 @ Pokemon Levels 63 - 65

Elite #4: Siebold - Water-type - x4 @ Pokemon Levels 63 - 65

Champion Diantha - No Typer Set - x6 @ Pokemon Levels 64 - 68

As you can see keeping your team diverse and properly leveled is more than just a good idea, it is absolutely necessary.

The bottom line? Refusing to level and train your party/team is the fastest way to fail at the game. Another point that should be clear is that leveling is also the primary means for obtaining the natural new moves for each Pokemon. You want to level your team and their moves and you want to learn the most effective methods for employing each.

Finally you should bear in mind that training is absolutely required if you really do plan to Catch 'Em All since you will need to move each Pokemon through their entire evolutionary stage.

Posted: 16th Apr 2015 by CMBF
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