The Top 10 Mistakes that New Pokemon Trainers Make

01. Thinking the Game is Over when the Credits Roll

Now before you call foul we are not talking about the fact that a lot of players know that after the credits roll in Pokemon X and Y that unlocks the new town of Kiloude. No, that is not what we are talking about - but good call there, a lot of players actually don't seem to know that!

No, what made Number 2 on our countdown is the mistake of assuming that once the credits roll, that is the whole shebang! Game Over! Happened with every new game in every generation - and it sort of makes sense really because in normal games that IS where the game ends...

The thing is - and you don't have to be a serious pro trainer to work this out - in the world of Pokemon when the credits roll? Yeah, that is where the game actually BEGINS.

Understand that all that you did to get to the point where the credits rolled was to play through the story, catch a bunch of Pokemon, maybe dablle in training them, grind levels for the Gm Leaders and the Elite Four, and finally take on the Regional Champion.

That is all well and good, but that happens to be the Prologue to these games. Because what comes AFTER that is where the real game begins!

There are actually two points to that - the first a soft point, the second a hard one. Let's address the soft point first.

Soft Point: Reaching the credits equals having defeated the Elite Four and Regional Champ as well as having completed the story for each game. It is at this point though that you begin preparing for the NEXT game in the main series - and we are not speaking of the remakes.

Once the credits have rolled on the soft side of the world of the Pokemon Trainer it is time to start thinking about completing the Pokedex, and about what you are going to need for the next game in the main series.

Obviously you are going to want to bring forward the Pokemon from every generation and region that comes before Gen-7, and that means getting busy moving those guys into X or Y and then into your Bank so that they are ready to go when Gen-7's game is released.

We call that the Soft Side because THAT is what casual trainers do! To ensure their bragging rights at events like PAX and at official Pokemon Events where they have the opportunity to show off by helping other Trainers to fill THEIR Pokedex.

Now admittedly we have seen the dewy eyed almost worship that those younger trainers show towards the ones with the completed Dex who are willing to temporarily let them borrow their Legendary Pokemon, just so that they can get that Dex entry. And we are not saying that is bad - but that level of completion only comes AFTER the credits roll. Just saying - that IS the Soft Side.

The Hard Side on the other hand, well, that is where the serious and Pro Trainers live. Sure the game, story, and the Gym Leaders and Elite Four - and Regional Champ were fun. A diversion really. But after that - after the credits roll? Well then it is time to start breeding soldiers and working their EVs and building a bunch of teams and really WORKING.

Post Credits - Where it Starts Getting Interesting

Even if you are not a Pro and never mean to be since the release of X and Y there has never been a better reason or more reason to continue to play the game following the credit roll. Never a better reason not to let the game gather dust in other words.

As preciously noted, following the credit roll in X and Y you gain access to a brand new town called Kiloude. That town is where you find, among other things, the legendary Friend Safari, which is where you can capture Pokemon that are not found elsewhere in the game.

The Pokemon captured in the Friend Safari also are pretty much guaranteed to have good base stats - better than the stats found previously in the game - which is a perk that the casual players probably will not appreciate because they are not aware of just how valuable that difference is.

You, on the other hand, are reading this - which means you want to make the transition from New Trainer to Serious Trainer. We can help you do that. Keep reading.

Kiloude is where the Battle Maison is located -- and that happens to be the place where the best items can be found and where competitive Trainers hone their skills, and perfect their teams. As a New Trainer making the transition to Serious Trainer you should not expect to last long here - but that is actually an important distinction...

You see as YOU see that you are lasting longer, you will be seeing proof that you are getting better and that your skills are improving. You cannot ask for more than that.

While you are getting used to that idea - and the notion that you can actually become a Serious Trainer, you might want to know some of the other important elements that are present after the credits roll...

Inside the Kiloude Pokemon Center there is a bloke who - when you ask him to - will tell you what your Pokemon's highest IVs are. Do you have any idea how valuable that sort of information is? Well, probably not now, but you will.

Not only does he tell you what their highest IV is, he will also tell you whether they're the highest they can be. Schwing! Importanto Informatio!

With that information you can actually breed Pokemon and train them with some measure of, well, measure in terms of success!

While you are still going to need to seek out a comprehensive breeding guide online, with the tools that the game gives you in Kiloude, combined with that information, you can seriously make the transition from New Trainer to Serious Trainer. And who knows, maybe even from Serious Trainer to Pro Trainer? The future is yours mates. Seize it.

Wrapping Up the Mistake Train

After reading our countdown did you see yourself in places? Hopefully not too often - and we are sorry if that left you self-conscious or even embarrassed. But hey, these ARE the Top 10 Mistakes that New Trainers make in the world of Pokemon, so it would be very odd indeed if you did not make a few of them, right?

Fortunately for you, dear New Trainer - and even you, Somewhat Experienced Trainers too - you have SuperCheats - and SuperCheats has your back!

After you take in this fine Countdown Feature Article, and perhaps thanks to it avoid making a few more mistakes along the way, you can sink your teeth into the massive amount of supporting info that SuperCheats offers to the erstwhile Pokemon Trainers of the world.

Thanks to our resident experts you have access to a steady supply of info that can really help you along the path to greatness in the world of Pokemon.

Among the supporting characters here at SC is vhayste, a Staff Writer who specializes in RPG gaming and in Pokemon, and who brought you the guides for X and Y as well as Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby.

Warrior13 has their finger firmly on the pulse of the social side of the world of Pokemon, bringing a constant flow of interesting articles that cover the scene, and of course we will continue to cover the scene from the Trainer Trenches - so yeah, we have your back mates.

We were wondering though - did we miss any really significant mistakes that New Trainers make? We are not omniscient - far from it in fact - so if we did miss some, we hope you will feel invited and fully encouraged to help us - and the SuperCheats Community out by sharing those with us via the Comments System that you can find waiting for you at the bottom of nearly every page on the site.

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Posted: 16th Apr 2015 by CMBF
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