The Top 10 Mistakes that New Pokemon Trainers Make

05. Unbalanced Moves

No doubt you have heard the expression “It seemed like a good idea at the time!” and it is that sort of excuse that you most often encounter when dealing with just this sort of situation, which is very common among new trainers.

Balanced Move Sets

For the most part as new trainers begin playing the game their first exposure to moves and move sets happens when their Pokemon picks up a new move while leveling up. Shortly after that they will discover the TM, and it is not uncommon for the new trainer to start to feel like the presence of he TM in their bag is an invitation to use it!

The problem with that is a simple one: Just because your Pokemon CAN learn that TM does not mean that it SHOULD learn that TM!

While it may not be entirely obvious, the new trainer should understand that it is crucial to balance all of your Pokemon move sets.

A good example of a badly balanced move set is when you have a Pokemon who is capable of learning a powerful stat-altering move but due to the new trainer's desire to have a heavy hitter and so the Pokemon has been set up so that all four moves are offensive. Worse yet, two of the moves are basically identical attack types, a choice that has sacrificed 25% of the flexibility inherent in that Pokemon's move set!

Each Pokemon is only allowed to have four moves at any one time, so you will need to choose them carefully in order ot maximize the effectiveness of that Pokemon... A Water/Fairy type should never be given all Water-type moves - because while doing so may make them Waterlicious, it also sacrifices HALF their offensive or Stat-Altering potential!

The best preventive approach to the issue of unbalanced and improperly configured move sets is for the new trainer to be very conservative with altering the move sets of their Pokemon until such time as they have availed themselves of a good tutorial on move set building.

Remember that you really CAN do worse than the move set that the Pokemon naturally evolves into. Just saying...

Hidden Move Slaves

The single most frequent cause for this mistake is the HM - Hidden Machine - which is part of a required set of special moves. The sibling of the TM (Technical Machine) used to teach Pokemon specific moves, unlike TMs the HM is a special Utility Move. HMs are utility moves like Cut and Fly that allow your Pokemon to alter the environment, where TMs are largely used in combat.

The root of this mistake comes from this mistake arise from the absolute necessity for having access to the set of HMs. The problem being that unlike TMs, which can be easily overwritten by another TM, the only way to get rid of an GM is via a special NPC called the Move Deleter.

The most common unbalancing happens when a new trainer decides to teach a few of his Pokemon all of the HMs - as such a Pokemon is usually called an HM Slave.

The problem arises and the mistake is made when the wrong Pokemon are chosen as the HM Slave. Choosing the wrong Pokemon for use as an HM Slave is worse than giving a dual-type Pokemon all neutral or one-type moves.

This issue it too complicated to even begin to explain here, but suffice it to say that considerable care must be taken first in choosing an HM Slave (assuming you plan tot ake that route in the first place) and if so, choosing what Pokemon and type to make your HM Slave and which HMs to put on them. Believe it or not there are combinations of HMs on one Pokemon that will unbalance the Pokemon making them useless for combat.

If you are a new trainer and you just want to get the job done but do not have deep enough knowledge in terms of which Pokemon to choose, the following information will really help you!

Perhaps the best - and most forgiving choice - for HM Slave for new trainers is #400 Bibarel (Normal/Water), who evolves from #399 Bidoof.

The reason that they make the ideal HM Slave is simple: they can learn EVERY HM with the exception of Fly (which of course they cannot learn because they are not a Flying-type). Its evolve level is very low being Level 15, which means you can very quickly set up your primary HM Slave and get it to its end-evolutionary stage quickly and painlessly...

Posted: 16th Apr 2015 by CMBF
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