The Top 10 Mistakes that New Pokemon Trainers Make

08. Misunderstanding the Stats and Status

This may sound a bit odd to veteran trainers but do you remember when you first started playing and you did not know what each of the stats represented? The big difference that they can make - from Speed determining which Pokemon attacks first to the relative impact of both Attack and Defense.

Perhaps the most confusing was the Special Attack and Special Defense - but once you did learn them - and learned how to train them up - your Pokemon became a force to be reckoned with!

Pokemon stats are also important to learn when training Pokemon.

Each Pokemon has six Base Stats: Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, Speed and HP.

Attack: Physical attack stat. This determines how effective and powerful the Pokemon’s physical attacks will be.

Defense: Physical defense stat. This determines how resilient your Pokemon will be against physical attacks.

SP. Atk. (Special Attack): Special Attack stat. This determines how how effective and powerful the Pokemon’s special attacks will be.

Sp. Def. (Special Defense): Special defense stat. This determines how resilient your Pokemon will be against special attacks.

Speed: This determines how quickly your Pokemon can act in battle. The Pokemon with the higher Speed will act first when facing an opponent with lower speed.

HP (Hit Points): This is your Pokemon’s life gauge. If it reaches 0, your Pokemon will faint and you’ll have to revive it using items or take it to the Pokemon center.

There is a bit more involved than the simple definitions above, but they will get you started and the rest you will learn as you play. Now we address the second technical issue that new trainers get confused with stats AND often fail to appreciate the seriousness of (and danger of) - and those are Status Conditions - or Stat Conditions (see that abbreviation may very well be what causes part of the confusion).

So by the numbers the Status / Stat Conditions you need to know about are:

BRN (Burn): Pokemon afflicted with this status will lose a set percentage HP each turn until either the condition is corrected, or their afflicted Pokemon passes out and is thus incapped. Fire-types cannot be afflicted with this Stat Condition.

Recovery Item: Burn Heal -- A spray-type medicine that heals a single Pokemon suffering from a Burn.

Confused: Pokemon afflicted with this Status Condition lose a major percentage of both their free will and abolity to follow orders. In addition to not following orders from their trainer, they may actually hurt themselves through random moves or non-moves that deal damage back on themselves. This Status Condition can last from one to four turns, and can clear on its own.

Curse: This Status Condition will cause the afflictged Pokemon to lose 25% of its HP with each turn following the Cruse. When a Ghost-type uses this move it exchanges 50% of its HP to inflict the Status Condition on the target. When non-Ghost-type use this move they may receive boosts to their Attack and Defense Stats, while losing a significant percentage off of their Speed Stat.

Disable: When successfully applied to the target Pokemon, the Pokemon afflicted will lose the use of the last Move it used prior to the Status Condition being applied for four turns.

FRZ (Frozen): This Status Condition will cause your Pokemon to be forzen - literally. Unable to move, cannot defend etc. Ice-types are immune to this condition.

Recovery Item: Ice Heal -- A spray-type medicine that defrosts a Pokemon that has been frozen solid.

Infatuation: This Status Condition has a 50% chance of causing the targeted Pokemon with becoming compltely infatuated, after which it will not respond to any commands.

PAR (Paralyzed): Once afflicted with this Stat Condition your Pokemon MAY not be able to move or respond to attacks. Basically there is a chance that when their turn to make a move in your Party comes up during battle they will be frozen in place and thus unable to execute whatever move you have ordered them to execute. They will still take damage however.

Recovery Item: Paralyze Heal -- A spray-type medicine that eliminates Paralysis from a single Pokemon.

In addition to being unable to move, the Pokemon's Speed State is cut by 25%. Electric Pokemon cannot be afflicted with this Stat Condition.

PSN (Poisoned): Being Poisoned is similar to being Burned in that the Pokemon so afflicted will take damage from the POI state loosing up to 1/8 HP initially and may continue to lose HP until they pass out / are incapped. Poison and Steel-types are immune.

Recovery Item: Antidote -- A spray-type medicine that lifts the effect of Poison.

SLP (Sleep): Pokemon afflicted with this Stat Condition will fall asleep on the turn following their being afflicted. While asleep they cannot take orders or act on their own. This is not necessarily a negative condition as there are some moves that require it

Recovery Item: Awakening -- A spray-type medicine that awakens from the clutches of Sleep.

Notes: Taking your Pokemon to a Pokemon Center nad having Nurse Joy heal them will result in the removal of all negative Stat Conditions. A Full Heal is a spray-type medicine that heals all the status problems of a single Pokemon.

Posted: 16th Apr 2015 by CMBF
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