Ranking The Ten Pokemon Champions

At the time of the writing of this article, there has been a total of ten Pokemon League Champions. Most of these characters are well known in both the anime series and the popular games, but a few only reached this milestone in the storylines of the games. There is even one champion that some might not know of or completely understand how he claimed this title. No matter the case, we are going to rank these champions and decide who is the true best of the bests!

These rankings are based upon many factors, as numerous things come into consideration as something as unique as this. Specifically, their character and their place in both the anime and games are primary factors in their rankings, as well as their popularity. No bias will be shown to one champion or another in this article.

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We usually like to mention the Pokemon/People that came up just short of breaking our top ten, but in this case, we only have ten participants to choose from! Perhaps at some point down the road we'll be able to add a few more to this list, but that rests solely upon the Pokemon Creators.

So without a moment to spare, let's begin with these Pokemon Royalty!

#10) Alder

We begin our rankings by starting with Alder, the original Unova League Champion. Alder was the Pokemon League Champion for Pokemon Black and White, but eventually lost his title to Iris, the Dragon Apprentice turned Dragon Master. With the first altercation with Alder in Pokemon Black and White, you just knew he was different. He had the look of an adventurer, but the personality of a sensei. This greatly differed from his personality in the Anime Series, where he seemed more laid back and absent minded. Alder didn't have a care in the world, but you could still tell he had a burning passion for battle.

Alder was unlike any previous Pokemon Champion, but that wasn't really a good thing for him, at least it turned out that way. He didn't really fit the mold for a Pokemon Champion, and that was one of the main reasons as to why he lost his title in the very next Pokemon Games. The Pokemon Creatures could have easily continued his reign as the Unova League Champion in the sequel games (Pokemon Black 2 and White 2), but they didn't. Obvious he wasn't the most receptive champion to fans, and that played a part in him being dismayed. And he didn't just lose his title, but he lost it to a little girl; not to his Elite Four Apprentice, but a Gym Leader's Apprentice instead. That was a bit of a cheap blow, especially to someone who was suppose to be this great trainer.

Alder also never had that great key Pokemon like other Champions did. Nothing against Bouffalant, but it simply doesn't compare to Metagross, Dragonite, or Garchomp. Add this to his mixed personality, and you have a failed attempt at a Pokemon Champion. But don't worry Alder, Iris wasn't much better. I guess the whole Unova Elite Four and Champion was a bust, but you kind of knew that was going to happen with such high standards set by N and Team Plasma.

Posted: 1st May 2016 by Warrior13
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