Top 10 Series that Deserve a Sequel

7. Gravity Rush

If you ask a Vita owner what some of the must have games for the system are, most people will have Sony Entertainment Japan Studio's contributions Gravity Rush and Tearaway on their lists. Tearaway will be an enhanced version on the PlayStation 4, but for the most part Gravity Rush has been painfully ignored in the eyes on fans.

Gravity Rush stars a girl named Kat, who has the unusual power to manipulate the gravity around her. When weird monsters start attacking the city she somehow found herself in, she takes it upon herself to use her powers to defend the people.

What makes Graivty Rush unique (and unplayable on the PlayStation TV) is how it utilizes the Vita's various unique features. You use the touch screens to help move about, and you use the gyroscope within the system to aim the camera while manipulating gravity. Gravity Rush is a very unique experience, and one that can really only be properly experienced on the Vita.

Sony has since teased at a second entry, and Kat's inclusion in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale shows that the company hasn't completely forgotten about the series. But, nothing has been mentioned about a Gravity Rush 2 since the vague trailer from the Tokyo Game Show last year.

Posted: 28th Sep 2014 by gaiages
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