Top 10 Series that Deserve a Sequel

9. Too Human

Anyone that kept track of Too Human's development cycle should know how badly the game ended up flopping. The lead at Silicon Studios at the time, Denis Dyack, hyped the title up to epic proportions, which practically made Too Human destined to fail, no matter how good or bad it would end up being. It didn't help that the game itself was in development for ten years.

So, in the end, Too Human wasn't really a good game… but in hindsight, it wasn't that bad, either. The trilogy that was planned had potential, at least. Too Human's cyberpunk take on Norse mythology was quite interesting, offering a different take on age-old tales. The gameplay could end up being repetitive, but it was something that could be worked on as the trilogy advanced.

Between poor reviews and sales, Dyack leaving the development team, and a lawsuit between Silicon Knights and Epic Games, though, it seems very unlikely that the Too Human series will continue.

Posted: 28th Sep 2014 by gaiages
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