Top 10 Series that Deserve a Sequel

The video game industry is, of course, full of businesses trying to make money. Because of that, developers and publishers alike have to make many decisions involving their business in order to make enough money to stay profitable and able to pay their bills. Unfortunately, that very much involves making some tough decisions on how to allocate funds, and sometimes certain series that gamers enjoyed and would love to see more of get left to the wayside.

The ten games on this list have all been left to the wayside. There are a number of reasons for this—poor sales, a lack of overall interest, no funding, the loss of key development members—but this doesn't stop fans from wanting another entry to their beloved series.

10. Custom Robo

Games involving having robots right each other and it not having the word 'Gundam' in it is a rarity. It's completely understandable, though; the Gundam series is an extremely recognizable name for gamers around the world, and its wealth of characters, plots, and giant robots makes it very easy to make games based off the franchise for a variety of genres.

But that's what makes Custom Robo that much more precious. Custom Robo is an arena fighter for the GameCube that involves battles of up to four Robos (little robots). As the title suggests, you can upgrade and customize these Robos to fit your playstyle, allowing for many different ways to enjoy and play through the somewhat hackneyed storyline (why exactly are evil organizations fighting with toy robots?). There's also multiplayer modes so that you and some friends can get together with your custom Robos and duke it out. Custom Robo's mechanics were solid enough to enjoy the game to the fullest, but easy enough so that any kind of gamer could pick up and play it.

After the GameCube entry, the Custom Robo series received a DS game titled Custom Robo Arena, which… was mostly the same, but with next to no storyline to it. The series is due to make a comeback on one of the new consoles (maybe the Wii U?) with updated mechanics… though it seems a little unlikely because of the lack of brand recognition.

Posted: 28th Sep 2014 by gaiages
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