The Top 10 Greatest Video Game Stories (Ever)

While having a great story is not necessarily a requirement for a video game to be popular and fun these days, when a game developer manages to devise a unique game-play environment and a solid cast of characters who fill the roles of protagonists and antagonists, while at the same time weaving a story so solid that it rivals a movie, what you end up with is a massive entertainment value for the same price you might pay for a typical video game.

Whether it is a sign of the times or perhaps a trend that gamers demand more than simply a target to shoot at or a puzzle to solve, game studios have over the course of the past ten years turned a serious focus upon giving gamers just that: solid game designs with intense and entertaining stories as their core foundation.

So we thought we would share with you our list of the Top 10 Greatest Video Game Stories (Ever). Agree? Disagree? Think we missed some? Have a different list of your own? Well don't just say we missed some -- share your list with us in the comments section! And remember, the one in the 01 slot is the one you consider to be the best of the best!

10. Final Fantasy VII

The Final Fantasy series is a rich and rewarding game series, one that spans multiple realities and settings, so choosing the one with the best story is pretty difficult, but FF VII stands out among the crowd for a number of reasons.

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The story starts out as a green adventure of sorts that resonates very well with gamers who came of age at the time of its release. While the underlying theme was not exactly ripped form the headlines, it is still pretty close.

As the hero of the story you not only lead attacks against an evil corporation that is threatening the world with its bad tech, you are also fighting a resistance struggle against an evil antagonist who thinks nothing of the wholesale slaughter of the innocent.

As that primary adventure unfolds, the plot twists and reveals elements that are shocking to the core. The reason that we are being so vague here about those elements is because the story is so compelling and satisfying that we simply do not want to risk ruining it for gamers who have yet to experience this classic game.

Posted: 28th Jan 2014 by CMBF
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim,