Pokemon X & Y Game Breaking Glitch Patched

Gamers who have invested themselves into the newest generation of the Pokemon series and who have learned about the potentially game-breaking glitch that impacts any player who saves their game while in the outer-streets of Lumiose City (saving there broke the game, causing it to crash on load when the players tried to play again) will be relieved to learn that a new update and patch have been made available for the game on the 3DS E-Shop!

The update requires 227 blocks of free space, so make sure you have that on your devices memory card before you try to download and apply it -- but do download and apply it. Having your game break would be so uncool.

How are you getting on in X and Y - got them all yet? Have you visited our X and Y guides on SuperCheats yet:


Posted: 30th Oct 2013 by CMBF
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