How to play Pokemon games on iPhone with the Delta emulator

With the recent change in the App Store policy which now allows listings of certain emulators, the world of retro Pokemon gaming has now opened up to a load more players. If you are wondering how to get started playing Pokemon Emerald or any of the other fantastic retro Pokemon games on your iPhone, then this guide takes you through everything you need to know step by step.

How to play Pokemon games on iPhone with the Delta emulator

  • Download an emulator

    By the time you read this article there may be many emulators available to play GBA games on your iphone, but currently, the most popular one is Delta. With this emulator, all you need to do is download it and it will be up and running.

  • Find a ROM of the game you want to play

    The rules of downloading ROMs currently are such that legally you can only justify downloading a ROM if you already own the original game, otherwise it would be considered piracy. So if you already own the ROM of the game you want to emulate on your iPhone, then you'll need to find a download of that game somewhere.

    Now this is where it gets a bit problematic. We can't direct link you to ROM files because of legal issues, so I would say head off to Google or Reddit and make a search there to try to find what you need. But do this with caution, as at the end of the day you are downloading a file from a website, so definitely use a virus checker and try to find a website that others are recommending.

  • Add the file to your iPhone's files folder

    To get your downloaded game working with Delta you'll have to copy the game files that you downloaded to your iphone's files folder. If the files are zipped, then you'll need to unzip them first. Then just follow these steps

    • Start Delta
    • Find the + icon and tap it
    • Browse through your downloaded files in the Files app to find your game
    • Select your game and tap open

    The easiest way is to use something like Google Drive to download files to and conduct your file management and unzipping within that environment.

You should be good to go now and get started playing some classic Pokemon games on your iOS. To make it even more fun, do check out cheats for some of the Pokemon games, they are easy to enter with your emulator via the cheat menu.