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Pokemon Ruby Cheats for GameShark


Pokemon Ruby Game Shark Codes

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If you want to squeeze a little more fun out of a Pokemon game, cheats is a great way to do just that. We have all of the Pokemon Ruby cheats here on our GameShark codes page. Thanks to GameSharks, Action Replays and Emulators, entering Pokemon Ruby cheats and getting unlimited masterballs, meeting any Pokemon you want to catch in the wild and having an infinite number of Rare Candies has never been easier.

Best Pokemon Ruby Cheats

Seeing as we have so many Pokemon Ruby cheats on our website, we thought it would be helpful if we hand picked the best Pokemon Ruby cheats on our site so you can more easily find them. Scroll down to the bottom however to see our complete collection of over 50 Pokemon Ruby cheats entries.

1. Max Stats and Max Money
Max your Pokemon's stats and max out your wallet with this set of codes.

2. Rare Candies Cheat
Get loads of rare candies with this cheat. Start leveling up your Pokemon easily with this cheat.

3. Wild Pokemon Modifier
We have a few versions of the wild Pokemon modifier cheat on our website. What it allows you to do is determine which Pokemon it is that you meet next. You can pick from the whole list of Pokemon in the game, including starters and legendaries. Try this Wild Pokemon modifier.

4. Really Useful Code Collection
Loads of different codes have been put together here. There is really great feedback from the community that have used this set of cheats, go take a look and pick out the ones you want to try here.

How to Enter Pokemon Ruby Cheats

To use cheats in Pokemon Ruby you need either the physical GameShark or Action Replay device attached to your game. If you are playing the game in an emulator, then you can enter the cheats in the cheat menu.

Most of the Pokemon Ruby cheats on our site come with their own instructions, but you can also check the comments for each one where you will find valuable feedback from the community about how the got the codes to work for anyone having trouble.

Because there are a few versions of the game available, not all of the cheats will work for you. Please save your progress before activating any cheat, and don't save it again, until you are sure the cheat has not harmed your game. For example if an encounter cheat gave you a bad egg after catching the Pokemon - don't save.

That being said, we have a fine collection of Pokemon Ruby cheats here and we have been collecting them since the game was released in 2002. Have fun and enjoy the game!

From inuyashaisgod13 Dec 2010, ID #13298

Max stats/money

A selection of codes for max stats and max money with some great advice and tips on how to use the cheats in the comments section.

From Guest24 Jul 2020, ID #13885

Rare Candies

Copy and paste this code 361E3586CD38BA79.

Go to player's PC and withdraw items.

It will show 99 rare candies.

Withdraw 99 then you will have unl..

From SAMBORA2 Oct 2010, ID #13237

All GameShark Code I know with Ruby POKEMON

Fantastic collection of Pokemon Ruby cheats includes walk through walls, infinite money and encounter codes. Loads of great feedback.

From Guest8 Feb 2012, ID #13653

Really Nice Pokemons !!!

Encounter some of the best Pokemon in Ruby with these cheats.

From lidoking18 Jul 2009, ID #12843

Good stuff,that will help you out :)

Loads of great cheats here. Probably you just need this set of codes and nothing else if you want Pokemon Ruby cheats.

From ARUN_SEETHAM7 Nov 2010, ID #13265


Get all HMs and TMs with this large code. Loads of great feedack for this code in particular.

From jeremy65712 Dec 2010, ID #13289

Pokemon Ruby Gameshark codes for you

A set of Pokemon encounter cheats

From Dom Dimitri24 Feb 2010, ID #13013

Type This In Your Game Shark

Various codes to encounter pokemon, get unlimited items and master balls.

From its a hello20 Aug 2006, ID #9036

Catch ANY Pok�mon

Cathch loads of different Pokemon with these Wild Pokemon Modifier codes.

From mr. sp16 Jun 2006, ID #8330

Lv modifier + Pokemon modifier

Level Modifier and Pokemon Modifier Codes for a selection of Pokemon

From Dhananjay123 May 2006, ID #8163

All Hoenn Pokemon

Encounter codes for Hoenn Pokemon

From Aeon-Flux5 Aug 2006, ID #8870

Change your Gender, Trainer ID or even Trainer Name, For GameSha

A few codes which will allow you to change your gender in the game, change your Trainer ID and you Trainer Name

From turtleman1716 Apr 2008, ID #11922

nearly everything all works

Walk through walls and encounter codes for Pokemon

From JJSANKAR23 Aug 2008, ID #12350

Pokemon league without getting all badges

Did you know that you can get to the Pokemon league without getting all badges?

From snorlaxversusgroudon31 Mar 2006, ID #7815

These are for game shark SP ONLY

Change your playing time, and get mas stats with these codes.

From pokemon master n27 Sep 2013, ID #13936

These are the Pokemon ruby cheats.

Only activate one cheat at a time, the cheats should be entered as GameShark codes.

Infinite Power Points

Have al..

From Mosher_Boy8 Mar 2006, ID #7665

Good codes

Gender, stats and encounter cheats.

From astronautlevel21 Sep 2010, ID #13234

missingno code

Get a missingno with this code.

From snorlaxversusgroudon3 Apr 2006, ID #7844

Helpful codes for game shark sp

These codes require seperate master code.

This Master code is for finding Pokemon in the wild.

From Guest13 Jul 2020, ID #13880

My cheats (WORK) for Pokemon ruby

This is a great collection of Pokemon Ruby cheats. Whether they work for you will depend on the emulator you are using and the version of the game you are playing.

From Ice ssj413 Jul 2020, ID #771

Become Rich

Enter this code in the cheat menu of your emulator, for max money

From chaosgalore9324 Apr 2008, ID #11943


This gameshark code lets you find shiny Pokemon wild, but
it will make your ID# change to 00000. And you need the wild Pokemon male or female codes on too.

From hobbez826 Dec 2003, ID #1133

Master Code, Lotta Money

Max your money and go buy anything you want in Poke Mart with this money cheat.

From ShootingStarBow6927 Sep 2005, ID #6586

Master Code plus some Codes!

Get root fossil and duplicate your your first slot item.

From boyzkang8 Mar 2012, ID #13669

Capture Pokemon and Obtain Pokeball before Starter Pokemon

If these tips work for Pokemon Sapphire, then it also works for Pokemon Ruby. First things first, start a new game. Enter this code: CE2CCCB25D8D815..


Enter any of the following Pokemon Ruby wild Pokemon encounter cheats in the cheat menu of your emulator as a GameShark v3 code. Or in the code mana..

From Ice ssj430 Sep 2003, ID #770

Use an Item as Many Times as You Want


From mimmi24 Mar 2004, ID #1977

This codes will help you so you can catch any Pokemon from the o

Catch any Pokemon from the older versions. Enter one of the following codes, and you will only encounter that kind of Pokemon until you have reloaded your game. This also effects the wild Pokemon encountered by walking in grass, caves, and while surfing.

From leechless14 Jan 2005, ID #4099

Pokémon Encounter Codes

Wild Pokemon encounter codes includes the master code.

From Sanzano15 Aug 2018, ID #14233

Change Wild Pokemon Nature (North America)

Enter the following codes to change the personality of a Wild Pokemon to the corresponding nature.


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