Top 10 Most Annoying In-Game Pokemon

There's always that one Pokemon that we come across while playing that causes extreme annoyance. Either it appears to much, or it's difficult to defeat, or it's constantly putting your Pokemon under a status condition. Whatever the case may be, they frustrate us so. Sometimes to the point of smacking your own forehead (much like this Wobbuffet), and at other times throwing your game in fury.

This time around, we're going to rank who we consider the ten most annoying Pokemon found in game. These rankings are based solely upon how annoying they are, no bias will be shown. Not everyone will agree with each of these rankings, simply because some people find some Pokemon more frustrating. That's common.

Normally, we list the Pokemon that just miss the cut. However, this time around, we can't think of any besides the ten we will rank.

Perhaps this is something you can do in the comment section below. You can also tell us what you think of our top ten; who you think is ranked too high; who you think is ranked too low; and you can tell us your Top Ten.

Without a moment to spare, let's begin our countdown.

#10 - Jigglypuff

Up first in our countdown and ranked as the tenth most annoying in game Pokemon is Jigglypuff. Jigglypuff, as you may know, was first released in Pokemon Red and Blue. It was one of the five bulky pink Pokemon (the others being Wigglytuff, Clefairy, Clefable, and, of course, Chansey) released in the first generation. Jigglypuff's peak annoyance period was in those first two Pokemon Games, no longer being as big as a threat now-a-days.

Everyone who has played the first two versions of Pokemon know just how annoying this thing is. The main reason why it was so frustrating? Sing. Sing, even though it can miss, it never seemed to; it always felt like it hit, no matter what. From there, you, as the trainer, must decide whether or not to switch your Pokemon out. If you did, it was almost certain that it would try to make that one fall asleep. If you decided to risk it, Jigglypuff would unleash its Double Slap. Sure, each individual slap didn't do much, but the damage would begin to add up. Before you knew, your Pokemon would awaken with serious Hit Point lossage, and Jigglypuff would still be at full power. Just when you think the worst part is behind you, Jigglypuff would try and put your Pokemon asleep again! If you got lucky and it somehow missed or it didn't use Sing again, you had to deal with its high Hit Point Stat. It didn't have the best defenses, but that higher Base Hit Point Stat almost guaranteed it wouldn't faint in one shot. Sometimes you could knock it out in one hit, but that was hard to do since there weren't too many good fighting type Pokemon early in those games.

Jigglypuff was a problem starter in those earlier games, who would easily get on many trainers' nerves.

#9 - Diglett

Up next is Diglett, yet another first generation Pokemon to make the list; it is one of five first generation to make the cut.

Diglett, like all first generation Pokemon (except Mew), were first released in Pokemon Red and Blue. Diglett was pretty irrelevant in those games, not being too annoying. Sure, it almost always would outspeed your Pokemon, which can sometimes be frustrating. It would also appear a lot in Diglett Cave, but that's all. It would make getting HM Flash a little difficult, but that's it.

Diglett's true annoyance wouldn't come until the release of third generation Pokemon Games (Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Fire Red, and Leaf Green), where all Pokemon were given a Hidden Ability. Diglett received Arena Trap, which made getting HM Flash even more frustrating. Arena Trap prevented you from running away from Diglett, which meant you had no choice but to face them. They weren't too powerful, but since they still outspeed most Pokemon, they would at least do some damage. Odds are you would have to go through at least ten of them before you made it out of Diglett Cave to get the HM, and then you'd have to face another ten or so to get back to Vermillion City. It was very time consuming and frustrating, especially since you had no choice but to go through to get Flash. You could have always took the long way around, but that was even worst.

You would also run into some Dugtrio (Diglett's Evolution) in the cave, which were even worse than Diglett. They were much quicker and stronger than Diglett, and they too had Arena Trap. Luckily, they didn't appear as much as Diglett.

A high rate of appearing and an ability that would trap you in battle was all that Diglett needed to make our list.

Posted: 14th May 2015 by Warrior13
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