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Starter partner advice?

I had trouble picking one.I finally chose the regal grass type but here's advice. Tepig (the fire type pig) Has good stats,but to make the most I think it should have a calm nature(+ sp.Defense -attack) It's attack is eany thing but lacking.Move wise Tepig has good moves but better through evolution(lv17ARMTHRUST.lv62FLAREBLITZ)It's weakness as it evolves are PSYCHIC,WATER,GROUND,FLYING.Snivy is a grass type with great allaround stats so a bashful,serious,hardy or quirky nature should be fine.however it will always have weakness to POISON,FIRE,BUG,FLYING,ICE so I don't recommend to a Newbie.move wise it's a waste.(I say it has great moves!Just don't need the whining over weakness)Lastly Oshawott(water)It's only weakness are GRASS,ELECTRIC so it might be a hardy first Pokemon.Stats are good so a bold nature(+defense -attack) could work.NICE moves(ex.LV17 RAZORSHELL) hopefully you can decide a little easier so just comment on my bio for other advice or tell me how's your starter.I'm new here but experianced at Pokemon.GOOD DAY

Added 22 May 2011, ID #15773, by Lady autumn dove
Ask.com and get

Fire type Pokemon with a water type move

When your tepig evolves into pignite you can now teach it the water type move Scald. I know it sounds crazy but it can learn than water type move.

Added 20 May 2011, ID #15767, by OMEGA CALEB

Obtain the Lots Of Treasures

There's a man on Route 13 he wears all BLACK, he gives you all kinds of treasures like the Deepseatooth and Deepseascale. Go to him every day and he will give you treasures.

Added 13 May 2011, ID #15761, by OMEGA CALEB

Obtain Zekrom in Pokemon White

The first time you battle the Elite 4 before you battle N,your black gem will glow and Zekrom will come out, and then you will be able to catch Zekrom.

Added 13 May 2011, ID #15760, by OMEGA CALEB

Deino with dark pulse

Take a female deino breed it with arbok or ekans that knows dark pulse. Hatch the egg and you will have a deino that knows dark pulse.

Added 13 May 2011, ID #15759, by OMEGA CALEB

A good Pokemon with good moves

Get a exeggutor teach it these moves: Sleep powder, Dream Eater, Reflect, and Energy ball. Then battle with it, or battle your friend. This is a good set of moves for Exeggutor

Added 6 May 2011, ID #15745, by OMEGA CALEB

Easy Exp. Points

Make sure your Pokemon is holding a lucky egg, then battle a wild Audino. Then defeat it. And your Pokemon will get exp points up to 10,000. Yeah I know it's alot

Added 6 May 2011, ID #15744, by OMEGA CALEB

Tons of cash!

In front of a large building in Undella town, there is a boy. Talk to him, and battle him. Use a Pokemon holding a luck incense or an amulet coin, and get 24,000$ by winning.

Added 25 Apr 2011, ID #15729, by Guest

How to evolve eevee into leafeon and glaceon

Ok to get leafeon there is a mossy rock in pinwheel forest level up eevee to get leafeon. To get glaceon you need to level eevee up near the icy rock in twist mountain to evolve it into glaceon

Added 23 Apr 2011, ID #15724, by quilavaisawsome237

How to change garatina and shaymin forms

Shaymin:if you have used the poketransfer to transfer over shaymin a girl in a Pokemon center will give you it if it is in your party[you need to have beaten game]

Garatina:if you beat the game on a bridge you could not pass before you must use the bridge by upelucid city

Hope this helped (:

Added 19 Apr 2011, ID #15714, by thegreenthunder

Storm through the Gyms

If you find a Timburr in the grass (Easily found in the forest of the second gyms town)

Train it up until lvl.25 (It levels up insanely quick) and it will be an absolute king, you can breeze through the majority of the game with this method.

Added 17 Apr 2011, ID #15707, by snakespec

How to change rotoms form

Ok go to shopping mall nine and go into the room with all the boxes with your rotom and press A at any box and it will say rotom wants to go in it say yes and it will show multiple things to go in pick one to change his form.Hope this helps!

Added 11 Apr 2011, ID #15696, by quilavaisawsome237

The Trainer Card

Just like in Previous Games, there are certain levels you can achieve with the trainer card that you can change the color of it, but unlike other games this one you can complete them in any order and still get the colors.

Start: Green
Stage 1: Purple
Stage 2: Red
Stage 3: Silver
Stage 4: Gold
Stage 5: Black/White

Here are the things that you need to achieve to reach those new stages:

- Defeat the Elite Four
- Complete the National Pokedex
- Collect all Pokemon Musical Goods
- Collect all Entralink Goods
- Get 49 Streak wins in both Super Single and Super Double lines in Battle Subway.

Added 6 Apr 2011, ID #15672, by kimmy456

Fan Club Gifts

In Icirrus City there is a place where you can visit that is the Fan Club like in most games you can talk to a man who gives statements but this man also gives you gifts on how much you raise your Pokemon from when he last saw them.

0 - 24: There is no item
25 - 49: EXP Share
50 - 98: Cleanse Tag
99: King's Rock

When you first show your Pokemon to the man and then bring it back to show him a second time the level difference between those two visits determines what item you will get.

Added 6 Apr 2011, ID #15671, by kimmy456

Gifts when Trading

There are certain gifts that you can get when you trade so many people using your game. They are as followed:

5 People - Wide Lens
10 People - Everstone
20 People - Zoom Lens
30 People - Choice Scarf
40 People - PP Max
50 People - Master Ball

Added 6 Apr 2011, ID #15670, by kimmy456

Take the Royal Unova challenge

After beating the story, you can go on the Royal Unova cruise ship in Castelia city in the evenings. Defeating a certain number of trainers in the time alotted will get you an item.

Added 22 Mar 2011, ID #15535, by Glaceon

Catch Darmanitan

The only way to get Darmanitan is to go to the statues at the entrance to Relic Castle and use a Ragecandybar on them.

Added 22 Mar 2011, ID #15534, by Glaceon

Catching Volcarona

After beating the story, the sand will rise in B5F of the Relic Castle to gain access to a new room. Go through the passages (which is kinda a maze) until you reach the bottom floor. Inside the chamber where Ryoku of the Seven Sages is standing is where Volcarona is. He's Fire/Bug type. You can also get him by evolving Larvesta, which you get given as an egg from a lady in a house in Route 18.

Added 22 Mar 2011, ID #15533, by Glaceon

Get Larvesta, a Pokemon you can only get from an egg

A lady in the house on Route 18 will give you an egg that hatches into Larvesta, which evolves into Volcarona.

Added 22 Mar 2011, ID #15532, by Glaceon

Get all the various Incense items

After beating the story, go to Driftveil Market to buy all 9 Incense items from a new salesperson. They cost 9,600 each.

Added 22 Mar 2011, ID #15531, by Glaceon
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