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Pokemon White Action Replay Codes - Nintendo DS

Action Replay Codes for Pokemon White

Pokemon White Walkthrough and Guide
Pokemon White Guide
Check out our complete guide to Pokemon White. Every badge is handles right through to completing the Elite 4 and the final boss. Plus guide to catc..
Last Updated: by Richard

Pokemon White was first released in Japan in 2010, in March 2011 arrived across the rest of the world. Pokemon White is set in Unova and is part of the fifth generation of the series. Black and White together added a massive 156 Pokemon to the series and also included a number of new features including animated sprites and rotational and triple battles. The only way to get all of the Pokemon in Black and White is to trade between the two version, this can be done with the game or with Pokemon White cheats.

Pokemon White Cheats

Cheats in Pokemon White are entered via the code manager of an Action Replay device which would need to be connected to your Nintendo DS. If you don't have one of these, then you can still use the cheats that you find on this website if you are using an Emulator, and simply enter the codes in the cheat menu of your emulator.

On our site you'll find an incredible number of Pokemon White cheats an include master ball cheats, rare candy cheats, walk through walls, wild Pokemon modifier, customised Pokemon modifiers and loads more. Because there are so many we've hand picked some of the best ones and directly linked to them below.

Pokemon White

Best Pokemon White Cheats

Here are some of the best Pokemon White cheats from our collection.

Walk Through Walls
Use this cheat to walk anywhere on the map.

100% Catch Rate
Catch any Pokemon every time with any ball, as you increase your catch rate to 100%

Master Ball
Get 900 Master Balls with this Action Replay cheat

Rare Candy
This cheat will give you 900 Rare Candies

Wild Pokemon Modifier
With this code you can literally call any Pokemon available in White and meet them in the wild and try to catch them.
Or you can try this one:[url] [securl=[/url]][/url][/securl]

All Items
Get all Items with this cheat code

Catch Trainer's Pokemon
Now you can catch a Trainer's Pokemon with the cheat on this page.

Wild Legendary Pokemon
An extension to the Wild Pokemon Modifier code which focuses on legendary Pokemon in Pokemon White.

You'll find a load more Pokemon White cheats below. If there is anything particular you need help with in Pokemon White, head over to our questions page where you can browse through over 1,000 of Q&As or to our Pokemon White Walkthroug h which offers an in-depth guide to the game.

Most Popular Codes

Wild Victini {Fully Works}
Just like the code I posted for Pokemon Black, this is the one for Pokemon White.

This is for a wild Victini incase you can't obtain it any other way.. Or you just do not want to wait to obtain one.

Press Select and walk through the grass to encounter a wild Victini. This code works, I checked it myself.
REGION: US/North America | CLASS: Miscellaneous Codes
Mark pokemon to make them shiny
Mark Pokemon in your Pc to make them shiny. You can use any marking. Your Pokemon may also recieve a gender change.
REGION: US/North America | CLASS: Miscellaneous Codes
random wild pokemon
This code will allow you to find random Pokemon in the grass ex:I walk into the grass and a tepig pops can make any 649 Pokemon come buttons needed.
REGION: US/North America | CLASS: Miscellaneous Codes
Press select and all TMs and HMs will appear in your tm/hm section
REGION: US/North America | CLASS: TM or HM Codes
REGION: US/North America | CLASS: Item Codes
Epic Arceus (L+R)
This code gives you an Arceus level 1.
It has all ribons , Max EV 's and IV 's, shiny , Modest natured, ID is 00001.
It has Abyssal as OT and met at Abyssal ruins, met at level 100(LOL).
Arceus is holding a draco plate and has the following moves:
Jugdement, Sacred fire, Aeroblast and Ice burn.
NOTE : Press L+R and it will appear at BOX 8 slot 2 so don't put valuable Pokemon there. İf there is any problems, leave a comment and if you liked it, leave a thumbs up for others to see.
REGION: UK/Europe | CLASS: Individual Pokemon Codes
REGION: US/North America | CLASS: Individual Pokemon Codes
IV'S AND EV'S CHECK(hold L for IV and R for EV )
IN storage or party pokmon go to sumary and hold L for for IV's or hold are for EV's.
REGION: US/North America | CLASS: Miscellaneous Codes
wild pokemon modifier L+R

Wild Pokemon Modifier
Press L+are and you will have 649 Master Balls and 100 Ultra Balls. Toss any number to change which Pokemon will appear (# of Master Balls = Pokemon #, # of Ultra Balls = Pokemon level). Press Select before heading into grass to activate.
REGION: US/North America | CLASS:
It's shiny no pokerus b'cause I feel didn't like that pokerus.^_^!
It's move is judgment,shadow force,roar of time,and spacial rend. It replaces 3rd Pokemon in party
Pokesav generated so use L+R. I use europe but do not know this works on US or not haha!
REGION: UK/Europe | CLASS: Individual Pokemon Codes
REAL Pokemon Modifier
This is the old fashioned Pokemon modifier. In the 1st item slot is 649 master balls and the second slot is 100 ultra balls. Im sure you know what to do~

Just kidding, I'll tell you how to use it. Press L and are for the master and ultra balls to be in your items pocket. Then throw out ultra balls according to the level you want your Pokemon to be. The amount of ultra balls left is the level. Throw out master balls accourding to the number of the Pokemon you want to see. And by number, I mean the species pokedex number. The number left is the pokedex number Pokemon that will appear. Then press select and head into some tall grass and the Pokemon that attacks will be it!
REGION: US/North America | CLASS: Encounter Codes
Max IV's 31 in every stat(mark them)
Go to storage,select marking and then mark and confirm to get 31 IV's on every stat
REGION: US/North America | CLASS: Miscellaneous Codes
Miscellaneous Codes
These are the all the codes I have for Pokemon White.I have tested these codes and they work a 100%.ENJOY
REGION: US/North America | CLASS: Miscellaneous Codes
All TM's And All HM's(Press L + R)
Press L + are to get all TM's And HM's in your BAG(TM 95,the event TM not included)
REGION: US/North America | CLASS: TM or HM Codes
Get Wonder Guard Ability (This is a mark code you must mark your
Wonder Gaurd is the best ability. When your Pokemon has it only moves that are supereffective will hit. Other moves that aren't supereffective will miss. When you are in game go to the PC and hit marking. Mark All of the 6 marks!! It may not show right away, just hit a diffrent Pokemon the go back to the one you marked.
REGION: US/North America | CLASS: In-game Cheats
pokerus(mark and confirm)
Go to storage pc,select pokmon,then marking and Mark them and confirm.
REGION: US/North America | CLASS: Miscellaneous Codes
sick victini party slot 1 (L&R)
Awesome victini. Knows the moves v-create, blue flare, bolt strike, and ice burn. Takes up slot 1 of your party, so put a crappy Pokemon in the 1st slot so you don't lose anything valuable! Is pokesav generated (but not tested yet), so save before you try it out. Enjoy!
REGION: US/North America | CLASS: Individual Pokemon Codes
Infect Pokemon With Pokerus
Mark the Pokemon you want to infect while it's in your PC.

REGION: US/North America | CLASS: Individual Pokemon Codes
Rebattle Zekrom at Dragonspiral tower
Press select before you go to the roof of the tower.
REGION: US/North America | CLASS: Individual Pokemon Codes
1 of my favorite Pokemon for battle.
Hope you like it.
REGION: US/North America | CLASS: Individual Pokemon Codes
Remove AP
Removes anti-piracy, allowing pokémon to gain experience. Must be on when game starts loading.
REGION: US/North America | CLASS: Miscellaneous Codes
Shiny code
I didn't saw any shiny code in Pokemon white so... Here it is!
REGION: Unspecified | CLASS: Miscellaneous Codes
LVL 100 Max EVs and IVs
Moves: Aura Sphere, Transform, Psychic, and Me First
To Activate: L+R. Replaces 1st PKMN in your party.
REGION: US/North America | CLASS: Individual Pokemon Codes
Event Genesect
National Dex #649
Can be used for the event at the P2 Lab on Route 17
Level 100, Fateful Encounter
Caught with Ultra Ball, Hardy Nature
Ability: Download
Moveset: Techno Blast
Signal Beam
Dark Pulse
Maxed EV's and IV's, allr ribbons

My cheats are created and submitted personally, no copyright
Happy Cheating :D

- Zoroark919
REGION: US/North America | CLASS: Individual Pokemon Codes
Ultimate Rayquaza (L+R)
My first code. It works for the UK version but I'm not sure about the USA version (can someone from the USA test it and Let me know please). Anyway, here's the details

Species: Rayquaza
Shiny: Yes
Nature: Naive
Level: 100

Roar of Time
Spacial Rend
Shadow Force
Draco Meteor
(All Max PP)

Level Met: 100
Location Met: Black City

Hidden Power Type: Dark
Hidden Power Strength: 70

OT: LordPein (got to credit myself somewhere lol)

Press L+R in game to activate.
Will appear in Box 13 Slot 13.

REGION: UK/Europe | CLASS: Individual Pokemon Codes
All of the TM's!
This AR code will give you all TM's. To activate it hold(select) for two seconds and you will have all of the TM's!
REGION: US/North America | CLASS: TM or HM Codes
Wild Pokemon Modifier
This code will change the next Pokemon you see in the wild to whichever you want it to be. Just change the YYY to the number in hexadecimal of the National Pokedex of the Pokemon. Go here to find the hexadecimal of the National Pokedex number of the Pokemon. Also, put 0s in front of the hexadecimal if it is too small to fit in YYY. Once you've finished your code, press START+SELECT.
REGION: US/North America | CLASS: Encounter Codes
clone pokemon
Hold L while moving pokemon keep on holding L until u set it down (my advide is when u get to an empty box press down and then press A fast because holding the L button to clone a pokemon the box scrolls to next box to the left right away be quick and remember not to let go of the L button until u put the pokemon down in the new box. if u did this right there will be an exact clone replacing ur pokemons original spot.) I tested it and it does work!!
REGION: US/North America | CLASS: Miscellaneous Codes
Victini (If you want it.)
Push SELECT to activate, will be in PC box 8 slot 1 so be SURE you don't have any Pokemon in that spot so they will not be erased.
Lv. 1
Stats: All maxed (Leagal limits)
Ability: Victory Star
Item: Azure Flute
Nature: Brave
Moves:-Fusion Flare 255PP
-Blue Flare 255PP
-V-Create (Why not) 255PP
-Psycho Boost 255PP
Enjoy Gamers.

+SIDE NOTE: I will take individual Pokemon requests only. Maybe some exceptions...
REGION: US/North America | CLASS: Individual Pokemon Codes
Umbreon Press L+R Then SELECT
Listed below will be two codes. They are both the same exact thing except the first code is in an egg and the second one is not in an egg but it is shiny

In an egg or Level 1
Nature: Jolly
Fateful Encounter
Max Stats
Item Held: Sacred Ash
Ability: Cursed Body
Infected with Pokerus
Ribbon: Memorial Ribbon

Move Set:
Extreme Speed
Freeze Shock
Shadow Force
Foul Play

REGION: US/North America | CLASS: Individual Pokemon Codes

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