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Getting Celebi and the Three shiny dogs cheat for Pokemon White

Getting Celebi and the Three shiny dogs

Alright so you want to put your shiny dogs and Celebi on your game? Well you need a few things first. A Copy of Pokemon Black or White and a copy of Pokemon Soul Silver, Heart Gold, Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum. You'll also need two Nintendo DS game systems.
Pokemon Black and White cannot trade with any of the past DS Pokemon games. In order to get Celebi and the three dogs on your game go to Castelia City. You have to go talk to a guy in one of the buildings there. He'll ask for a phrase, answer him with. "Everyone Happy" "Simple Connection". This unlocks a feature on the main menu of the game. When you click on this option it will send out a DS download play. Now get the other DS with your Pokemon Heart Gold, Soul Silver, Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum game in the slot. Don't go to the game Menu instead go to the DS menu and click on Download Play. You should be able to send your Celebi and Three shiny dogs over to Pokemon Black and White game then.

Added by: Ninetailed Fox
Mar 7th 2011, ID#15359


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Feb 14th 2014 Guest
i have a 3ds how do i do this
ID #355043
Sep 9th 2013 Guest
I just use the PokeBuilder App
ID #308983
Sep 6th 2012 lydilol
I want to trade 1 of them for a victini (I have them, legit)
ID #183823
Aug 23rd 2012 Guest
I used an Action Replay Code to get the Event Celebi in my HeartGold version.It replaced the first Pokemon in my party just like I expected and showed up as lv.100 shiny,but even though I could use it in batlle and everything it didn't register in my Pokedex and it wouldn't transfer through the Relocater to my Black.I decided to just use a regular transfer and that worked just fine and Celebi is now safely in my box and in my Pokedex but I couldn't use it to get Zorua and I don't know what went wrong in HG.Could someone please tell me if I messed up or is it just because I used AR?
ID #179411
Jul 18th 2012 Guest
My friend traded me a shiny event Suicune and I'm not willing to trade it, either. Sorry, guys. It's special to me. It knows Sheer Cold, ExtremeSpeed (by the way if anyone has the ExtremeSpeed Pikachu Event I'd like it) and I forgot the last two moves. I think it also knows a Psychic- type move. I'll place the last two tomorrow on this site. But the ExtremeSpeed Pikachu event is somewhere on the Pokemon3000 website (or whatever it was called). Look on the Victini event page to see my comment. It will tell you what he has in his game so you know him when you see him. And also he has a shiny Espeon (but he's giving it to me because he said he would). Sorry again, guys Smile I said that because I was going to ask if anyone had the shiny Eevee event which is obtained by entering a Pokemon competition that ended a while ago (and I saw it on Images). But good thing I remembered the Pokemon he has for me.

P.S: Sorry for talking so much. But here's my answer to where you should (really) go. Go to the PokeTransfer building west of White Forest, click DS Download Play in another DS (borrowed or bought from GameStop for $99.99) and go inside the PokeTransfer building, go up until you see stairs (they should be ahead of you) and you should see a guy standing in front of a screen on the wall and a PC in front of the counter. And if you're wondering about Suicune, it's been used already (before he traded it to me). But now I have Zoroark because he had two and he traded me one (and I bred it with my Ditto). And if I talked too much, I got excited. ;D
ID #165871
Jul 1st 2012 Guest
which building?
ID #159209
Jun 29th 2012 Guest
There is no one in the building in castelia city. It's deserted. Is this only possible on pokemon black? In white, it's empty. Is there anyone who has info on this? Or is there someone who is willing to trade me raikou, suicune, entei, preferably level 100 or possibly level 70 or above.
ID #158493
Mar 21st 2012 Guest
game freak ok and get me a mettolata!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ID #124859
Mar 16th 2012 Guest
Also, if you take the shiny legendary dogs to Lostlorn Forest and speak to the silent lady (it doesn't matter if you have Zorua or not) She will attack you as the legendary beast who has a type advantage over yours. When she takes any damage, she'll turn into Zoruark.
ID #123408
Mar 16th 2012 Guest
Go to Castelia city with Celebi and you can get Zorua by going to Game Freak and talking to the silent boy and he'll turn into Zorua and if you have a pokeball u can catch him
ID #123404
Jan 25th 2012 Guest
Hey, just wanted to say that I updated the game codes for Pokemon White and Black on my Action Replay, and I now have this cheat that modifies the wild pokemon. You can change the kind of Pokemon to anyone you want, the level, and whether it is shiny or not. You can even get Genesect, Moloetta(sp), and Keldeo.
So you can stop asking for legendaries and just catch them.
Also, if anyone wants a lv.100 Zorua or Zoroark that is not hacked, I will gladly give some to anyone. I already have all the Pokemon, so just give me a pokemon you don't want for it. No strings attached. I just have nothing else to do besides give away free Pokemon. ^^'
I'll exchange friend codes and trade with anyone. My email is [email protected]
ID #109327
Oct 26th 2011 Guest
iv got all the legendaries and i got zoroark +
ID #83216
Oct 17th 2011 Guest
Who knows the ar code for Celibi and the three legendary dogs
in Europe
ID #81061
Sep 25th 2011 Guest
thats kinda dumb. i thought this was gonna be a code!
ID #76585
Sep 17th 2011 Guest
do u need the celebi or three shiney dogs in ur party or somethin'?
ID #74893
Sep 3rd 2011 Guest
ID #72294
Aug 16th 2011 Guest
this really suckz man,im from S.A,hw am i suposd 2 get the special gamestop legendary dogz and entei?
ID #67648
Aug 7th 2011 Guest
im giving all my nasinal pokedex away who wants them
ID #64742
Aug 6th 2011 JoshuaBro$
the scientist is not on the building
ID #64709
Aug 5th 2011 Guest
i trade legendareys contact 23568921 on phone it will work i give them out for pokemon that art good like level ones please
ID #64203
Aug 4th 2011 will254
i need a victini zorua geneosect melotta and
ID #64115
Aug 2nd 2011 Guest
ID #63520
Jul 22nd 2011 Guest
Guys how do you use action replay codes
ID #60038
Jul 22nd 2011 Guest
ID #60037
Jul 21st 2011 Guest
how do you get celibi?

ID #59926
Jul 16th 2011 darkrais_master
No, Celebi does not evolve into Zorua, if it did then it would not be classified as a legendary Pokemon.
ID #58411
Jul 14th 2011 Guest
I think the cheats help me and I beat the game so you should stop cusing and do it
ID #57720
Jul 13th 2011 Guest
Beeb all of you
ID #57471
Jul 10th 2011 Guest
i will trade a legendary for ceilbi
ID #56645
Jul 9th 2011 Guest
who whats t0 trade a legdnery for ceilbi
ID #56266
Jul 9th 2011 Guest
i do.
ID #56245
Jul 8th 2011 Guest
Does any one want to just trade my dogs or celebi with them im looking for any dreamworld pokemon
ID #55793
Jun 25th 2011 Guest
What do you put in the secondary dns wi-fi settings?
ID #52122
Jun 9th 2011 Guest
Do you need to have celebi and the three shiny dogs i the other d.s game.
ID #47960
Jun 5th 2011 Guest
Ha. I got mine over Wi-Fi. I'll give eggs of it, tepig, Oshawott, Snivy, Chimchar, and Cyndaquil away. You guys can't have the rest cause I don't want everyone having a Charizard or Blastoise. Oh and I collect Shiny Mudkips. I need a Shiny Mudkip otherwise I want give you the Pokemon. I've already got 5 Shiny Mudkips.
ID #47185
Jun 3rd 2011 Guest
im giving away zorua eggs but if u want 1 give me tepig or oshowott or keldeo or gensect
ID #46686
May 31st 2011 Guest
do u need to hav celebi and the three dogs on your other game
ID #46213
May 31st 2011 PokePlayer702
so then do you need to connect to the wifi?
ID #46142
May 5th 2011 Guest
I ve heard this cheat of celebi alot of times but im seaking for an easier with action replay or by just getting in a sertain point of the game something similar
ID #41560
Apr 29th 2011 Guest
I am stuck i do not have 2 ds
ID #40518
Apr 19th 2011 Guest
Do you have to complete the game before this actually woks?
ID #38285
Apr 17th 2011 darkrai_rapage
If you want zorua without the event, before you load the game go to nintendo wifi settings, go to your connection one. go to the bottom of the settings and turn auto obtain DNS off. the in the primary code section enter save and load the game. go to the pokemon center, upstairs and the person on the right.enter and you will recieve the celebie. (turn auto obtain back on or else you cant connect to wifi)
ID #38005
Apr 17th 2011 Guest
you can also if u have an ditto and an zoroark make an zorua that simple it is people don't give (death things)
ID #37871
Apr 16th 2011 Guest
alright thanks i'm gonna try it.[
ID #37668
Apr 13th 2011 Guest
maybe people dont have two ds systems then how do we get them
ID #37293
Apr 13th 2011 Guest
it did not work on my game
ID #37249
Apr 6th 2011 Guest
to get a zorua finish the game and use the transferer(TRADE YOUR CELEBI AND ITTL EVOLVE INTO A ZORUA!)
ID #36132
Apr 6th 2011 Guest
heres a tip u can get zorua easily if u have zoroark but u need 1 of the three legendary dogs(not terrakion,cobalion or virizion)
ID #36105
Apr 3rd 2011 Adam123
Thanks guys i figured it out I really am glad
ID #35665
Apr 1st 2011 Guest
im also dasperate 4 a zoroa, why isnt y]this working?!
ID #35192
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