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Pokémon Hub

Pokemon White Gym Leader/Elite Four Guide

by richmond1210

Gym Leader Guide

Hey, richmond1210 here. I'm going to show you how to defeat
all the Gym Leaders in the game, along with the Elite Four,
Team Plasma in N's Castle and the Elite Four post game.
With every fight, you'll see these:
Trainer Name
Pokemon (really?)
Effective Types
Tips on how to win
How the Starters would go
Badge and TM you win

Let's get started.

Gym Leaders

Snivy chosen:


Lillipup Normal Lv. 12
Pansear Fire Lv. 14

Effective Types: Water, Fighting, Ground, Rock

For Lillipup, most likely use Snivy if it is Level 10+. Watch out
for STAB Tackle. Bring in the Panpour you got at the Dreamyard for
the Pansear. Spam Water Gun until it faints. You can train Panpour if
you want, but it is not necessary.
You get the Trio Badge and TM 83 Work Up for winning.

Tepig chosen:


Lillipup Normal Lv. 12
Panpour Water Lv. 14

Effective Types: Grass, Electric, Fighting

For Lillipup, use Tepig if it is Level 10 and above and again, watch out
for STAB Tackle. Bring in the Pansage you got at the Dreamyard for the Panpour.
Spam Vine Whip until it faints. You don't need to train your monkey to win, but
if you want to, feel free.
You get the Trio Badge and TM 83 Work Up for winning.

Oshawott chosen:


Lillipup Normal Lv. 12
Pansage Grass Lv. 14

Effective Types: Fire, Ice, Fighting, Poison, Flying, Bug

For Lillipup, use Oshawott if it is Level 10+. Watch for STAB Tackle. Bring in the
Pansear you got at the Dreamyard for the Pansage. Spam Incinerate until it faints.
You don't even need to train your monkey to win, but you can if you feel like it.
You get the Trio Badge and TM 83 Work Up for winning.


Herdier Normal Lv. 18
Watchog Normal Lv. 20

Effective Types: Fighting, Rock, Steel

Two of the best Pokemon to use in this fight are Roggenrola and Drilbur, as they both
resist Normal attacks. And Lenora's got some hard ones! Herdier has Take Down, which has
an outstanding 90 Power. It does inflict small recoil damage onto Herdier though. Make sure
you have Roggenrola or Drilbur out for the battle against Watchog, as it will use Retaliate
at double power. A whopping 140! As long as you survive these main points, you should claim
your Basic Badge and TM 67 Retaliate.

Snivy/Servine: Not the greatest choice in this battle. It lacks any serious weapons to
take them out.

Tepig/Pignite: As long as Tepig has evolved, Pignite is usable, but be very careful of
Take Down and Retaliate.

Oshawott/Dewott: Same as Snivy, not a great choice in this battle.


Whirlipede Bug/Poison Lv. 21
Dwebble Bug/Rock Lv. 21
Leavanny Bug/Grass Lv. 23

Effective Types: Fire, Rock, Flying

This one is a pretty basic fight if you have got one or more of the Effective Types in your team. Whirlipede can stike hard, but is vulnerable to any of the Effective Types. Dwebble has an interesting typing, but Water and/or Rock type moves should take it out. Leavanny is a hard hitter,
but if you have got Fire or Flying types, you'll be cruisin'. You will get the Insect Badge and TM
76 Struggle Bug if you win.

Servine: Keep well away. A bad choice against Bug types.

Pignite: A sensational choice. Great against Whirlipede and Leavanny.

Dewott: It's only use is against Dwebble, where it's Water moves will take it out.


Emolga Electric/Flying Lv. 25
Emolga Electric/Flying Lv. 25
Zebstrika Electric Lv. 27

Effective Types: Ice, Rock, Ground

This could be a hard battle if you don't have a Rock or Ground type. The two Emolga's know Volt
Switch which it would probably use it to switch between themselves. Take them out with a Rock type.
Zebstrika is a hard hitter and has only one weakness, Ground. Roggenrola and Sandile from the last Route are probably the best choices for this fight, otherwise you have a tough fight on your
hands. You get the Bolt Badge and TM 72 Volt Switch for winning.

Servine: A bad choice. The Emolga's will destroy it.

Pignite: Same deal here, the Emolga's will take it down.

Dewott: A terrible choice. Bad against Electric.


Krokorok Ground/Dark Lv. 29
Palpitoad Water/Ground Lv. 29
Excadrill Ground/Steel Lv. 31

Effective Types: Grass, Fighting, Water

Another tricky fight, this time against the Ground type user, Clay. He leads with Krokorok, and is not too difficult to defeat if you have any of the Effective Types. Palpitoad can be a nuisance to take down because it has only one weakness, Grass. If you have a Grass type though, this will be easy. Excadrill has an unusual typing, and 11 of the 17 types are resisted by it. Take it down with Fire, Water, Fighting or Ground. You get the Quake Badge and TM 78 Bulldoze.

Servine: A very good choice, especially against Krokorok and Palpitoad.

Pignite: An OK choice to take down Excadrill and Krokorok, just watch for the Ground moves.

Dewott: Another great choice. Use it against Krokorok and Excadrill.


Swoobat Psychic/Flying Lv. 33
Unfezant Normal/Flying Lv. 33
Swanna Water/Flying Lv. 35

Effective Types: Electric, Rock, Ice

Not the hardest fight in the world. Swoobat has bad stats and any of the Effective types can take it down. Unfezant is another simple battle. Swanna is a higher level than the other two but Electric and Rock will take it down. You will get the Jet Badge and TM 62 Acrobatics for winning.

Servine/Serperior: Keep it off the field. Bad choice against Flying.

Pignite/Emboar: Another bad choice against Flying.

Dewott/Samurott: Is a neutral in this battle. There are better choices.


Vanillish Ice Lv. 37
Cryogonal Ice Lv. 37
Beartic Ice Lv. 39

Effective Types: Fire, Fighting, Steel, Rock

Another simple battle. Vanillish will threaten with Ice Beam, but use any of the Effective Types. Cryogonal is simple if you target its terrible Defence. Beartic is a fairly high level but never fear, the Effective types are here! You get the Freeze Badge and TM 79 Frost Breath.

Servine/Serperior: Any of these Pokemon will destroy it. Keep off.

Pignite/Emboar: A fantastic choice, especially as Emboar.

Dewott/Samurott: An okay choice, as Water resists Ice. But there are better choices.


Fraxure Dragon Lv. 41
Druddigon Dragon Lv. 41
Haxorus Dragon Lv. 43

Effective Types: Ice, Dragon

This is a difficult fight, due to the Dragon type having only two weaknesses. Fraxure and Druddigon can both use Dragon Tail to force you to switch, Dragon Dance to raise its Attack and Speed, and either Assurance or Night Slash. Haxorus has 147 Base Attack and decent Speed, and Dragon Dance will enhance these further. Make sure you attack quickly and hopefully you should win. After winning, you will get the Legend Badge and TM 82 Dragon Tail.

Serperior: A bad choice due to Grass being resisted by Dragon.

Emboar: Same deal, but you could use its Fighting moves.

Samurott: Same as above.

Elite Four


Cofagrigus Ghost Lv. 48
Golurk Ground/Ghost Lv. 48
Jellicent Water/Ghost Lv. 48
Chandelure Ghost/Fire Lv. 50

Effective Types: Ghost, Dark, Water, Grass

Ghost is a difficult type to find a weakness against, but luckily three of Shauntal's Pokemon are dual types, so you can exploit those weaknesses instead. Cofagrigus can be annoying with Will-O-Wisp and with good defensive stats. Take it down with Ghost or Dark. Golurk can be devastating to those who aren't careful. Dark is a bad choice for this battle due to its Hammer Arm, luckily you can take it down with Grass and Water as well. Jellicent isn't so hard and can be taken down with Water, Ghost and Dark. Chandelure has the highest Sp. Atk of any non-Legendary Pokemon in all regions. Be VERY careful with it.

Serperior: A good choice to take down Golurk and Jellicent.

Emboar: Isn't quite as useful as Serperior in this one.

Samurott: Can take down the dangerous Chandelure, which is very important. Also can take down Golurk.


Scrafty Dark/Fighting Lv. 48
Liepard Dark Lv. 48
Krookodile Ground/Dark Lv. 48
Bisharp Dark/Steel Lv. 50

Effective Types: Fighting, Bug

Another tricky fight if you don't find a weakness. Scrafty has solid defensive stats and can hit hard with Brick Break or Crunch. Take it down with Fighting or Bug. Liepard is quite fast and can annoy you with Fake Out but if you have one of the Effective Types, you should be fine. Krookodile is a hard hitter but Water and Grass, along with Fighting. Bisharp is the best Pokemon on his team but hit him with Fighting and you should win. 

Serperior: Can take down Krookodile but otherwise not much point.

Emboar: One of the best choices to use in this fight.

Samurott: Same as Serperior.


Reuniclus Psychic Lv. 48
Sigilyph Psychic/Flying Lv. 48
Musharna Psychic Lv. 48
Gothitelle Psychic Lv. 50

Effective Types: Ghost, Dark, Bug

One of the simpler fights in the Elite Four. Reuniclus isn't hard but be careful if you use Dark types due to Focus Blast. Sigilyph can hit moderately hard with Air Slash and if it attacks first, can make you flinch. Try to put a speedy Pokemon to counter that. Musharna can annoy you with Hypnosis but if you use an Awakening you'll get hit with an ineffective Dream Eater. Gothitelle is the highest level but not that tough, use the Effective Types.

Serperior: Not a very good choice in this battle.

Emboar: A terrible choice. Keep away.

Samurott: Same as Serperior, not an awesome pick.


Throh Fighting Lv. 48
Sawk Fighting Lv. 48
Conkeldurr Fighting Lv. 48
Mienshao Fighting Lv. 50

Effective Types: Flying, Psychic

The fourth and maybe the toughest battle in the Elite Four. Throh will  try to use Stone Edge, so be careful with your Flying Pokemon. Sawk has a damaging Stone Edge and has Sturdy, which will negate any moves that defeat it in one go, so it will hang on with 1 HP. Be wary of this! Conkeldurr also has Stone Edge and has solid HP. Mienshao is a problem because it has Rock Slide and U-Turn to take out Flying and Psychic types. Try to teach a non-Flying Pokemon Acrobatics, like the three monkeys to give you an edge.

Serperior: A bad choice, especially against Mienshao.

Emboar: Not a bad choice if you don't have any Flying or Psychic types.

Samurott: An okay choice.

N's Castle


Reshiram Dragon/Fire Lv. 52
Carracosta Water/Rock Lv. 50
Klinklang Steel Lv. 50
Vanilluxe Ice Lv. 50
Zoroark Dark Lv. 50
Archeops Rock/Flying Lv. 50

Effective Types: Fighting, Ground, Rock

N has a full six Pokemon team and will be the toughest fight in the game so far. If you're using Zekrom, Reshiram will outspeed it, so use Fusion Bolt for a power boost. If you don't use Zekrom, try to use Rock types. Carracosta has a huge weakness, Grass. If you use it, this will be a piece of cake. Klinklang has some solid Special moves but use Fighting or Fire for an advantage. Vanilluxe is the easiest fight in this battle, Fire and Steel resist all its moves and are Super Effective. Zoroark has the Ability called Illusion which will make it appear as Klinklang, use Fighting moves to counter this. Archeops is a danger, posessing high Attack and Speed and using dangerous moves such as STAB Stone Edge and Acrobatics.

Serperior: A great choice to take down Carracosta.

Emboar: Probably one of the best choices for this battle you could find.

Samurott: Could take down Archeops.


Cofagrigus Ghost Lv. 52
Bouffalant Normal Lv. 52
Eelektross Electric Lv. 52
Bisharp Dark/Steel Lv. 52
Seismitoad Water/Ground Lv. 52
Hydreigon Dark/Dragon Lv. 54

Effective Types: Fighting 

Cofagrigus loves using Toxic then using Protect. Try Ghost or Dark moves. Bouffalant can hit very hard with Head Charge but can also injure itself. Eelektross has no weaknesses so just hit it with your strongest attacks. Bisharp has a big weakness to Fighting so try to take it out with that. Seismitoad has one weakness, Grass. It is a 400% weakness though, so target this. Hydreigon is the main man, it can use moves such as Dragon Pulse, Fire Blast and Surf. Take it out with Fighting.

Elite Four Rematches


Cofagrigus Ghost Lv. 71
Golurk Ground/Ghost Lv. 71
Jellicent Water/Ghost Lv. 71
Froslass Ice/Ghost Lv. 71
Drifblim Ghost/Flying Lv. 71
Chandelure Ghost/Fire Lv. 73

Effective Types: Ghost, Dark, Rock

Cofagrigus, Golurk, Jellicent and Chandelure should be the same as last time, but be wary of Chandelure high Sp. Atk. Froslass has a lot of weaknesses, so take it out with Fire, Ghost, Rock or Dark. Drifblim has high HP and can hit moderately hard with Acrobatics. Use Electric, Rock, Ice, Ghost and Dark.

Serperior: Not a great choice.

Emboar: Its Fighting moves will be ineffective, so keep away.

Samurott: Okay, but there are better choices.


Sharpedo Water/Dark Lv. 71
Scrafty Dark/Fighting Lv. 71
Krookodile Ground/Dark Lv. 71
Liepard Dark Lv. 71
Drapion Poison/Dark Lv. 71
Bisharp Dark/Steel Lv. 73

Effective Types: Fighting, Bug

Use the same strategy as you used last time for Scrafty, Krookodile, Liepard and Bisharp, but be careful of Scrafty's Head Smash and Bisharp's high level. Sharpedo is fast and hits hard, but has minimal defenses. Use Grass, Electric or Fighting moves. Drapion has one weakness and that is Ground. If you have it, you should be fine.

Serperior: Can take down Sharpedo and Krookodile.

Emboar: A fantastic choice, can take down everyone except Drapion.

Samurott: Can take down Krookodile.


Musharna Psychic Lv. 71
Reuniclus Psychic Lv. 71
Sigilyph Psychic/Flying Lv. 71
Gothitelle Psychic Lv. 71
Bronzong Steel/Psychic Lv. 71
Metagross Steel/Psychic Lv. 73

Effective Types: Dark, Ghost, Bug

Do the same things for all the Unova Pokemon. Bronzong has only one weakness in Fire due to Levitate. It hasn't got very good offensive stats though. Metagross has high Attack and can use priority Bullet Punch and also Earthquake. Use Ground or Fire.

Serperior: A bad choice in this battle, due to the Steel and Flying types.

Emboar: If it is quick enough, it can take down Metagross and Bronzong, otherwise keep away.

Samurott: Not a great choice in this battle.


Breloom Grass/Fighting Lv. 71
Throh Fighting Lv. 71
Sawk Fighting Lv. 71
Toxicroak Poison/Fighting Lv. 71
Mienshao Fighting Lv. 71
Conkeldurr Fighting Lv. 73

Effective Types: Flying, Psychic

Repeat for the Unova Pokemon, being sure to target their weaknesses and watch out for Stone Edge, U-Turn and Sturdy. Breloom has a perfect accuracy Spore, putting you to sleep. Try to lead with a fast attacker that will target its weaknesses. Toxicroak can hit you with a Toxic and Venoshock combo, try to use Psychic for an easy win.

Serperior: Not enough attacking power to win this battle.

Emboar: Not a great choice here.

Samurott: Same as above.



Accelgor Bug Lv. 75
Bouffalant Normal Lv. 75
Escavalier Bug/Steel Lv. 75
Druddigon Dragon Lv. 75
Vanilluxe Ice Lv. 75
Volcarona Bug/Fire Lv. 77

Effective Types: Fire, Rock

Here he is, the Champion, Alder! Accelgor is very zippy but has bad defenses. Try to use Fire types to roast it. Flying and Rock types can work as well. Bouffalant hits hard with Head Charge and only has one weakness, Fighting. Escavalier has one weakness, Fire. Try to hit with that before it hits you with its big Attack. Druddigon is a solid Dragon type with some nasty moves such as Outrage and Superpower. Use Ice or even Dragon. Vanilluxe is very defensive, boasting Light Screen and Acid Armor. Take it down with Fighting, Fire, Rock or Steel. Finally, Volcarona can set up with Quiver Dance and can potentially rip you to shreds if you let it use it too many times. Hit it with a Rock move like Stone Edge or Rock Slide.

Serperior: A bad choice for this one.

Emboar: A fantastic choice in this battle.

Samurott: Can take down Volcarona if it uses Physical moves.

And there it is, the Walkthrough is done. Hope you liked it.