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How to catch Landorus!!

First you have to unlock the national Pokedex. You must also have Thundurus and Tornadus in your party, Thundurus is in Pokemon Black and Tornadus is in Pokemon White, so you will have to trade. Once you have both Thundurus & Tornadus in your party, go to route 14 and click on the shrine then Landorus will appear, it will be Lv. 70 when you battle him!

Added 15 Nov 2011, ID #16411, by OMEGA CALEB
Ask.com and get

New PC Wallpapers!!

You will get new wallpapers for your pc box when you beat the Elite Four the first time, and then another set of wallpapers once you beat them a second time!

Added 15 Nov 2011, ID #16410, by OMEGA CALEB

Heal at any time/Even during the Elite Four!!

This requires a SECOND DS and copy of Pokemon Black or White. Use the C-Gear's Infrared connection trade function combined with a second DS and the game, you can pull out your Pokemon from your team between each battle with the Elite Four and place them in your Pokemon PC-Box to heal them, then take them out and they will be healed!!

Added 15 Nov 2011, ID #16409, by OMEGA CALEB

Elite Four Pokemon / Levels

First Time:

Shauntal - Chandelure Level 50, Golurk Level 48, Cofagrigus Level 48, and Jellicent Level 48

Grimsley - Bisharp Level 50, Krookodile Level 48, Scrafty Level 48, and Liepard Level 48

Caitlin - Gothitelle Level 50, Musharna Level 48, Sigilyph Level 48, and Reuniclus Level 48

Marshal - Mienshao Level 50, Throh Level 48, Sawk Level 48, and Conkeldurr Level 48

After You Defeat N and Beyond:

Shauntal - Chandelure Level 73, Cofagrigus Level 71, Jellicent Level 71, Drifblim Level 71, Golurk Level 71, and Froslass Level 71

Grimsley - Bisharp Level 73, Drapion Level 71, Krookodile Level 71, Sharpedo Level 71, Scrafty Level 71, and Liepard Level 71

Caitlin - Metagross Level 73, Musharna Level 71, Sigilyph Level 71, Reuniclus Level 71, Bronzong Level 71, and Gothitelle Level 71

Marshal - Conkeldurr Level 73, Sawk Level 71, Throh Level 71, Mienshao Level 71, Toxicroak Level 71, and Breloom Level 71

Alder - Volcarona Level 77, Druddigon Level 75, Bouffalant Level 75, Vanilluxe Level 75, Accelgor Level 75, and Escavalier Level 75

Added 14 Nov 2011, ID #16400, by Warrior13

Team Plasma Sage Locations

After you have defeated N and Ghetsis in N's Castle, Looker will ask for your help in locating the Six Sages. They can be found in any order. Once you find them, they will give some information about Team Plasma. They will also give you a TM.

Sage Ryoku can be found in Relic Castle. He can be found by following the Team Plasma Members. He will give you TM04 (Calm Mind).

Sage Gorm can be found in the new area of the Dreamyard. He will give you TM75 (Swords Dance).

Sage Bronius can be found in Chargestone Cave. Once you find him, you'll have to face Team Plasma Members. He will give you TM69 (Rock Polish).

Sage Zinzolin can be found in the Cold Storage. He can be found in the exact area where you had to face Team Plasma in the Cold Storage earlier in the game. He will give you TM01 (Hone Claws).

Sage Giallo can be found on Route 14. He can be found by one of the Waterfalls. He will give you TM08 (Bulk Up).

Sage Rood can be found on Route 18. He can be found in the sand area near HM05 (Waterfall). He will give you TM32 (Double Team).

After you have found all of the Sages, Looker will give you some information about N. He will tell you that a person matching N's description was seen in another Region. Ghetsis and N cannot be found.

Added 10 Nov 2011, ID #16359, by Warrior13

Pokemon Optainable in White Forest

These Pokemon Are only found in white forest. Sometimes, alot of people must visit your forest before some Pokemon come out.


Added 30 Oct 2011, ID #16333, by pikachugirl

How to get rakiuo,celebi and tm95 snarl.

Insert a Pokemon pearl,plautinum,soulsliver or heartgold Pokemon game into a second ds.on the first ds go to poke transfer lab at route 15 and talk to Mr.park.on the second ds you go to ds download play and play a game.you can different Pokemon only in the pearl,plautinum,soulsliver and heartgold.you can caputer rakiuo,celebi,suicine,cobalion,terrakion and virzion.

Added 3 Sep 2011, ID #16171, by Zeyn

Pokemon white

Anyone need event suicune entei or raikou (shiny)my friend code is 4942 7767 3968 my name is Sanjot and come to wi fi club at september 1 and to 7 september to reiceve your dogs time available 1:00 to 5:00 and would be very thankful if you trade a shiny milotic. Thanks!

Added 30 Aug 2011, ID #16149, by pokemon master sanjot

Zorua and other baby Pokemon you can't find in the wild

Ok if you know where Kyruem is then you are lucky because there are patches of grass on the way there. And in those patches of grass contain a ditto and if you catch the ditto you can mate and make baby pokemon. Please rate this and I am so sorry I don't know the directions to get there

Added 21 Jul 2011, ID #15984, by Chocol4teChip99


To get a ditto in Pokemon black and white you must know where to get kyurem ( a legendary ice dragon) and on that path you will run through patches of grass that is where you meet ditto after you beat the game and Just a little hint if you want zorua without the event just get your zoroark and mate it with ditto and walla you have a zorua, It worked for me and my brother thanks again for rating this cheat please rate me high

Added 21 Jul 2011, ID #15983, by Chocol4teChip99

The master ball x2

IN Pokemon Black and White you can get 2 really easy masterballs. The first one you get from Prof. Juniper after you beat Iris (Eighth Gym Leader) and you get the second one from a man in black from a Pokemon center which I think is near driftveil city somewhere around there to get it from him you gotta trade 50 Pokemon in Pokemon black and white. Happy fighting and trading and vote for me to be best lol nah you don't have to lol

Added 21 Jul 2011, ID #15982, by Chocol4teChip99

Unlinited King's rocks, Heart Scales, etc ...

If you SR (save and then soft reset - hold down the left and right buttons while pressing start and select) just before talking to the man in the suit who gives you items daily on route 13 you can receive an unlimited amount (one per day) of any item he's giving away :
Black Flute
Blue Flute
Red Flute
White Flute
Yellow Flute
Lucky Egg
Shoal Salt
Shoal Shell
Dragon Scale
Dubious Disc
King's Rock
Metal Coat
Razor Claw
Razor Fang
Reaper Cloth
Heart Scale
Lucky Punch
Metal Powder
Thick Club
Big Pearl

Added 21 Jul 2011, ID #15981, by wuntoothrie

Transfer Pokemon

First you have to beat the Elite Four for the first time. After that go obtain the national pokedex from professor Juniper. Then go to Route 15 to the Poke Transfer Lab (you will need 2 Nintendo DS's to tranfer Pokemon)

Added 11 Jun 2011, ID #15821, by OMEGA CALEB

Easy Level Up

Put one or two Pokemon in the Day care on route3 then go to the battle subway in Nimbasa city go in it stand near the center and hold down SELECT and hold L and are for a long time (Level up 3 levels hold for 5 minutes) keep it on it's AC ADAPTER/Charger Save before you do this.Note try to put weak Pokemon or pokemn that you whant to train and level up in the Day care.

Added 31 May 2011, ID #15792, by Guest

How to get to Kanawa Town

Go to Raimon City and go to the battle subway.Once inside,go to the brown lined subway and READ the little paper.It should say "Kanawa Town Line"now go inside and talk to the man in green.He asks you if you want to go to Kanawa Town.Say YES and you'll be there in no time.(bad thing you can't FLY there)hope THIS helps...

Added 27 May 2011, ID #15778, by Guest

Easy hatching eggs

Have a Pokemon with flame body in your party, and the egg you are trying to hatch, will take less steps to hatch it

Added 18 May 2011, ID #15766, by OMEGA CALEB

Easy hearts scales

Go to Driftveil city, go to the house on the left once you fly there. Talk to the woman in the house and she will ask to see a Pokemon that knows a certain move. If you show her the right Pokemon she will give you a heart scale.

Added 10 May 2011, ID #15753, by OMEGA CALEB

Catching a Legendary Shiny pokemon

First save the game before you battle a legendary pokemon. Once in battle if the Pokemon is not shiny reset the game. Keep doing that and it might work. Its a 30 to 50% chance it will be shiny.

Added 7 May 2011, ID #15749, by OMEGA CALEB

Random Match up Cheat on Wi-Fi

If you lose a battle just reset the game.but the person that you battled will get their points because you reseted the game.

Added 7 May 2011, ID #15748, by OMEGA CALEB

Get National Pokedex

Beat the Elite 4 and go talk to the professer. And you will have the national Dex. Then you can transfer over pokemon

Added 7 May 2011, ID #15747, by OMEGA CALEB
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