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Yoshi Star Galaxy
Super Mario Galaxy 2

Yoshi Star Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Yoshi Star Galaxy

(World 1)

Saddle Up with Yoshi

Time for Yoshi to join in on the fun. You need to spin attack the Magikoopa to free him. You can keep the Magikoopa busy by launching Star Bits at him. Once Yoshi is free the Comet Medal is right in this opening area. Head to the back left tall mound and use the spring board followed by the flutter jump to reach the top and the Comet Medal.

Saddle Up with Yoshi Comet Medal

After you get the Comet Medal work your way to the far end of the area, stopping to use the teleporter, and then use Yoshi to lick, pull the large piece of fruit to reveal the next Launch Star. Use the Chance Dice and get all the Star Bits on the small planet before Launch Starring to the next. Next we have a bit of Flutter Jumping to get over some Spiked enemies and at the top Mario will get the first taste of using the Flowers to pull Yoshi to higher places. Just aim at the flower and have Yoshi lick it to use it.

Work your way up the final planet using Yoshi's tongue to both pull platforms to you and also to flower jump up. At the top bash open the Crystal containing the Star and then flower jump your way to it.

Saddle Up with Yoshi Star

Spiny Control

Start out by grabbing Yoshi. You need to eat a Spiny and then spit at the case covering the Launch Star. In the next section you need to break the Luma out of the center cage so he can turn into a Launch Star. The next section is the same. Pull out the platforms and then use the Spiny to free the Launch Star.

Spiny Control Start

To defeat King Lakitu you need to eat up the Spinys he tosses out and throw them back at him. It's not automatic that you hit him so wait for him to slow down before launching them back his way. Watch for him to start flailing his arms. If he does then he's gearing up for a lightning charge. Just watch his path and stay out of his way. It takes three hits but after the second hit he goes a little crazy speed wise and it gets a little harder to hit him.

King Lakitu Boss Battle

Spiny Rainbow Romp

You have 60 seconds to defeat all 30 Spinys. There are plenty of Rainbow Stars to make it easier but these timed events are TOUGH. Watch the video to see my path.

Spiny Rainbow Romp

Yoshi Star Green Stars x3

Green Star #1 is above the area where the Comet Medal was. You need to Flutter Jump off the top of the pillar and then back jump off of Yoshi for the little extra height you need.
Green Star #2 is to the right of the giant fruit Yoshi needs to pull to reveal the Launch Star. Flutter Jump off the right side and it's in an alcove. You can land there.
Green Star #3 is past the Star. Use the flowers past the Star to get to Green Star and then launch off the back of Yoshi to get the extra height needed.

Yoshi Star Green Stars

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Comments for Yoshi Star Galaxy

6 comments, latest first.
ID #335399 | Dec 28th 2013 Guest
These are really good tips and they helped me a lot! Thank you!
ID #328883 | Dec 13th 2013 Guest
still confused on how to get Yoshi's pointer pop up.
ID #218650 | Dec 10th 2012 Guest
I have super maro galaxy 2 and i think i got past on world 3 and i got on world 4 the bosses are HARD!!!
ID #88984 | Nov 21st 2011 Guest
Thanks. I only needed to know where the second green star.
ID #32757 | Mar 15th 2011 alexkmar
Yeah. grab the pointy things as soon as they touch the ground
ID #5790 | Jul 24th 2010 Guest
Cool cheats. I'm having trouble with King Lakitu. Tips?