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Super Mario Galaxy 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Super Mario Galaxy 2 Guide

Unofficial Super Mario Galaxy 2 Guide by swaggers for

Welcome to our unoffical guide to Super Mario Galaxy 2 - It's bursting to the seems with over 150 videos showing how to get each star in each world. We've got a special section just looking at the hardest stars and all the green stars and show you how to get more 1ups than you'll knw what to do with if you follow the 1up Loop!


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How do you unlock wario because he is in the game I'll tell you why because someone on YouTube shows you he unlocks wario but doesn't show how

Added 12th Jun 2013, ID #289704

any tips on dark octo army romp?

Added 16th Jan 2013, ID #243268

i got all 120 stars . but i have to defeat bowser again to get the green stars.

Added 10th Oct 2012, ID #194584

how do you get the pipe in boo moon

Added 8th Aug 2012, ID #173575

I almost finished the hole levle

Added 15th Jul 2012, ID #164593

I love mario galaXY 2

Added 5th Jun 2012, ID #149162

after you get all 120 stars you need to beat bowsers galaxy generator with luigi

Added 7th Apr 2012, ID #130579

You eat the bullet bills then spit them out at the glass cages to beat the world three boss;then when his forehead is exposed, you spit them at his head.

Added 5th Nov 2011, ID #85298

I need help on the pefect run can someone guide me. :(

Added 20th Feb 2011, ID #29656

I got 242 stars and I got Rosalina on star ship Mario!

Added 20th Feb 2011, ID #29652

to get the green stars and grandmaster galaxy get 120 stars and beat bowser to unlock the green stars and once the 120 green stars are collected you unlock grandmaster galaxy

Added 30th Jan 2011, ID #27310

for the question "how do you catch the bunny?" well if you are in the cosmic cove galaxy you feed the hungry luma 15 coins and then you go to its planet. after you hit the flag, find the ! switch an ground-pound it. this will turn the water into ice temporarily now talk to the bunny and shake the wii remote to skate you should catch him easily

Added 8th Dec 2010, ID #20507

I love this game so much. I've nearly finished, just the prankster comet in the grandmaster galaxy to go. If you find a level hard, just keep trying. It's a clich├Ęd saying but it's true.

Added 26th Oct 2010, ID #16350

To get to the grandmaster galaxy you have to have all the power stars but you're not allowed any bronze stars. I totally got stuck on luigi's purple coin chaos in mario squared galaxy and it took me ages to do it. To unlock the green stars, you're allowed a couple of bronze stars.

Added 26th Oct 2010, ID #16349

To unlock the green stars you need all 120 regular stars then defeat bowser again in bowser's galaxy generator

Added 2nd Oct 2010, ID #14138


I can't do the level:
Mario Squared galaxy in World 7

Added 11th Sep 2010, ID #12223

how do you get the 120 green stars after you get the 120 reg.stars ...i cant figure it out

Added 29th Aug 2010, ID #10717

afteer u have 120 stars wat do u do too find that guy or to get green stars

Added 28th Aug 2010, ID #10564

I got all 120 regular stars and all the comet medals but the green stars won't show up anywhere. How do I get them to show up so I can go get them?

Added 15th Aug 2010, ID #8997

the question how do you get the comet on grandmaster galaxy well you put 9999 star bits into the bank but be careful you don't get shown the clip of it arriving at the galaxy just go straight to it

Added 8th Aug 2010, ID #7963

for the third question from the top (how do you find secret star at The Boo Moon Galaxy?)the answer is once you get on the moving platform with the faces on them in the area that the gravity changes making gravity pull u 2 the right and up a launch star should be there skip the launch star and there should be another moving platform going at a faster speed leading u 2 the star.MR.BARAJAS 10 (: ;0

Added 6th Aug 2010, ID #7733

hey did you know that if you jump on the super massive turtle a few times you can get a few 1-ups!

Added 4th Aug 2010, ID #7386

i don`t know how to get to grandmaster galaxy can you guys help?

Added 3rd Aug 2010, ID #7322

I ABSOLUTELY DISPISE THE MARIO SQUARED GALAXY! I dispised both of the missions, especially the purple coin mission. No wonder it was my last star.

Added 14th Jul 2010, ID #4452


Added 11th Jul 2010, ID #3978

how do you catch the bunny?

Added 11th Jul 2010, ID #3947

I hate the stone cyclone galaxy also. It should be nicknamed the impossible galixy.

Added 9th Jul 2010, ID #3786

Oh wow. This is looking great. I just love the Super Mario Galaxy series!

Added 8th Jul 2010, ID #3553


Added 6th Jul 2010, ID #3350

where can you buy this game for the commedor 64

Added 3rd Jul 2010, ID #2908

how do you get the second green star at stone cyclone galaxy?

Added 2nd Jul 2010, ID #2811

this game has a subbliminal message. in the title the stars under the letters spell something bad.

Added 30th Jun 2010, ID #2501

To find the secret star of the boo moon galaxy, go to the first mission. Then, when you get to the launch star in the swamp, ignore it. keep going and following the trail until you see a star. thats the secret star.

Added 27th Jun 2010, ID #2100

i dant do slipsand galaxy its hard:(

Added 27th Jun 2010, ID #2081

There is no PC version, this is a Wii game.

Team SuperCheats
Added 25th Jun 2010, ID #1810