Twisty Trials Galaxy

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Twisty Trials Galaxy

Spinning and Spinning and Spinning

Small little rotating block world. No soft edge to help you turn so keep flutter jumping to make sure you make the turn and also don't just slide off into nothing. Cloud Flower on this makes a pretty easy level. You get 3 do-overs.

Near the last block the Comet Medal is up on middle.

Spinning and Spinning and Spinning

Turning Turning Double Time

Not as much fun. They all turn twice as fast and you don't get the Cloud Flower. Watch the edges because it's easy to get caught in the middle of a jump and then down you go.

Turning Turning Double Time

Twisty Trials Green Stars x2

Green Star #1 is to the right after you get the Cloud Flower. Just triple Long Jumps and you'll be there.
Green Star #2 is to the right after you get the final 1UP on the rotating section. Ling Jumps and you'll get there.

Twisty Trials Green Stars


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3 words. Don't. Lose. Yoshi.

Added 25th Nov 2012, ID #212434

In turning turning double time, in one of the crystals is a yoshi egg honest.

Added 26th Jun 2010, ID #1950

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