Fleet Glide Galaxy

(World 5)

Fluzzard's Wild Battlefield Glide

More Fluzzard flying. Once again you need to fly through all 5 gates to get the Comet Medal to appear.

Gate 1 is right away on the bottom
Gate 2 is the toughest. As soon as you get outside pull HARD left and it's on the opposite side of the ship.
Gate 3 is below the back Thwomp. Wait for it to drop and then dive through the gate.
Gate 4 is on the floor after the Bills.
Gate 5 is on the floor at the final door.

After getting all of the gates the Comet Medal is released over the floating ships.

Then just fly through the final gate to finish.

Fluzzard's Wild Battlefield Glide

Fastest Feathers in the Galaxy

It's pretty easy to get the lead and keep it on this one. Just push hard down every chance you get and if you can make the Gate 2 turn it pushes you at a good pace.

Fastest Feathers in the Galaxy

Fleet Glide Green Stars x2

Green Star #1 is immediately straight down at the start before the lava beasts.
Green Star #2 is on the left at the end with the crashing walls. Hug the left wall to find it.

Fleet Glide Green Stars