Boo Moon Galaxy

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Boo Moon Galaxy

(World 5)

Silver Stars Pop-up

Work your way through the house, waiting until the bookcase slides open for you. Follow the pink path grabbing the big Coin and then getting all the notes for 3x 1UPs.

Keep up with the path and grab the Comet Medal as it goes by.

Walk back forth on the moon to get all the Silver Stars, then Launch to the next area. Here you need to collect another 5 Silver Star pieces by ground pounding the button. The Boos are here to mess with you so watch your paths.

Silver Stars Pop-up

The Star in the Sinking Swamp

Inside of use the Launch Star at the Moon jump off the left side to another pink moving platform. It moves much faster so keep near the front and get the Star.

The Star in the Sinking Swamp

Haunting the Howling Tower

You get the Boo Mushroom in this level to become a Boo. Boos can obviously fly and also move through metal grates. Just work your up being careful of the wind and Octos and get the Star at the top of the tower.

Haunting the Howling Tower

Boo Moon Green Stars x3

Green Star #1 is on the path to the hidden star on the Pink Platforms. You will see it as you come to the end of the path. Quickly Long Jump out to it.
Green Star #2 is right off the left side of the moon. Just jump off and drop into it. Spin as needed for course corrections.
Green Star #3 is above the folding house. Long Jump off the roof towards the screen to get it.

Boo Moon Green Stars


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