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Freezy Flake Galaxy
Super Mario Galaxy 2

Freezy Flake Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Freezy Flake Galaxy

Bowser on Ice

Grab the Fire Flower and then melt the statue on the bottom of the planet. Launch yourself to the next planet and melt the Giant Bowser statue.

The Comet Medal is around back on the bottom part of the ice block platform. Fire Flower all the Ice Cubes and you'll see it.

Get into the Green Pipe that sends you to the lava area. Now you can roll the snowballs around to make snow paths. The easiest way is to spin attack them in the direction you want to go. Get the Fire Flower from the small snow island and then 3 hits to the Bowser Statue will reveal the Star.

Bowser on Ice

Sorbetti's Chilly Reception

Use the Rock Mushroom to smash open everything to find the 5 Silver Stars. Then it's boss time.

This one is a little weird. Sorbetti is a giant snowflake that rolls around the planet. The only way to damage him is to spin attack his giant red nose. Watch the rolling for a bit to get the timing down. After hitting him twice he'll speed up. One more and he'll pop to reveal the Star.

Sorbetti's Chilly Reception, BOSS: SORBETTI

The Chimp's Skating Challenge

Use the green pipe that is revealed from rock rolling the tree nearest to where you get the Rock Mushroom. You need to kick the green and orange balloons and ignore the spiked ones. The pattern is always the same if not rotated so just learn as you go and hopefully you have enough lives.

The Chimp's Skating Challenge

Freezy Flake Green Stars x3

Green Star #1 is in the slide path after melting the first Bowser snow statue. Spin jump to get it.
Green Star #2 is at the end of the stage. The little snow island before the Fire Flower. It's off the side of the lava. Destroy the Goomba Snow Statue to create a Snowball. Then roll it over the edge to get the Star without getting hit by the Lava.
Green Star #3 Is off the edge by the snow bunny. Jump off and then spin the camera to see 3x 1UPs and the Green Star.

Freezy Flake Green Stars

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