Boulder Bowl Galaxy

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Boulder Bowl Galaxy

(World 2)

Rock and Rollodillo

You need to take out all the Octos to reveal the Rock Mushroom in the middle.

The Comet Medal is right in the first area. Use the Rock power to smash the crystal twice to break it open and get the Comet Medal.

Smash into the raised bridge to make it fall and then smash into the enemies at the end to get to the ramp to launch you to the next planet. You need to eliminate everyone in this next area for the Launch Star to be released. Be very careful not to just roll off the planet. If you are having control issues just jump on their heads like you were normal Mario.


Rock and Rollodillo


Rollodillo is very similar to a lot of bosses in Galaxy. You need to Rock Smash into his backside to defeat him. When he gets mad at the end you need to dodge out of the way and wait for him to side to the stop. This is your chance to hit him from behind.


Boss: Rollodillo


Rolling Crabber Romp

You have just 60 seconds to elminate all the Crabbers on this small metal planet. Line up your shots well and then Rock Smash them to oblivion. Star released.


Rolling Crabber Romp


C'mere Goomba

When you get the invite letter from Gearmo head back to the small planet with the Chomps. Eliminate all the Octos and Rolling Rocks. You can't destroy the Chomps. Then talk to Germo. He wants a Goomba for himself. You need to smash into the rock formations to reveal one. Then stay in front of him while you direct the Goomba back to Gearmo. Be careful of the Chomps, they can take out both you and the Goomba. When you get him back into the square Gearmo will give you the Star.


C'mere Goomba


Boulder Bowl Green Stars x3

Green Star #1 is over the raised bridge at the beginning. wall jump spin your way to the top. Then pull yourself up on the lip of the bridge. Then backflip spin into the Star. FUN!  is
Green Star #2 is right after the bridge. Don't rock formation through the Pins. Simply walk up the ramp and jump over and into the star.
Green Star #3 is right over the ledge with the Rock Mushroom in the next area. Jump off into it.


Boulder Bowl Green Stars



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