Spin-Dig Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Walkthrough and Guide by swaggers  

Spin-Dig Galaxy

Digga-Leg's Planet

Time to learn the Spin Drill. Look for the 1UP in a cage and head to the lower opposite dirt patch and drill yourself into the cage. Then get the coins and finally head for the Launch Star.

Take the Spin Drill and and drill down the raised patch. Then head to the far right one and drill to the top of the tower. Now jump off the left side into the Comet Medal.

Now head to the middle pillar and get to the Launch Star. Run around the left side of the planet being careful of the disappearing platforms making sure to grab the 1UP. When you get to the coin platform a Luma will come and turn into a Launch Star. On the next planet drill into the lower part of the planet to run around the hollow inside and get all the coins.

Digga-Leg's Planet

The secret to this battle is drilling into the glass case that is under Digga-Leg. Digga-Leg will start by stomping his feet which sends a shockwave towards you. Dodge this and the drill that comes with it and then lead Digga a bit and drill into the planet to hit his glass bottom. After the first time Digga will send out drills to both sides. Keep cracking the glass and the star will be yours.

Boss Battle Digga-Leg

Silver Stars Down Deep

Start by getting the Spin Drill and getting yourself to the Piranha Plant. Spin the plant and a Vine will appear that you can take to the next area. The next section is simply a matter of drilling down the left side to get to the green pipe.

Silver #1 - This one is on the outside path.
Silver #2 - In a large open area in the bottom right.
Silver #3 - Straight down the left side.
Silver #4 - In a large section in the top right.

Silver Stars Down Deep

Digga-Leg's Daredevil Run

The prankster comet is a daredevil run. You need to beat Digga-Leg. But this time you only have 1 health. Just be careful of the drills and you'll be fine.

Digga-Leg's Green Stars