Did you really think you were going to find Checkered Benny that easy?  Boulder City holds another quest for you, though.


Find Boulder City to the far northeast of Novac.  Look for Lieutenant Monroe who tells you the Khans are in the city.  Open the gate (with the yellow sign on it) to enter the Boulder City Ruins.  Here, simply head over to the house that the quest marker is pointing at (in southwest direction), and enter this Great Khan Hideout.  In here, talk to Jessup and he'll tell you that Benny, the guy you're after, is no longer here.  This concludes the 'They Went That-a Way' quest, netting you 1000 EXP!  You can either continue with the Boulder City Showdown quest now that you're here anyway, or continue with Ring-a-Ding-Ding.

It requires a 45 Speech skill to convince Jessup, and it takes a 500 caps bribe at Monroe to back away (or less with 45 Barter), so if you've got what it takes, feel free to do so.  An alternative option is to untie the hostages yourself, but the Khans aren't going to like it.

This guide will now resume the main quest.

Travel northwest, following the Ring-a-Ding-Ding quest marker until you reach Freeside's East Gate.  Inside Freeside you can hire a bodyguard, but it's not really necessary.  Head through the streets, turn northwest and keep going until you get to a blue bus door on your left (southwest).

Head to the far southwest to reach 'The Strip North Gate', guarded by no less than five Security Gatekeepers.  To pass you'll either need to pay up 2000 caps, have a Science Skill of 80 , show a valid passport, or destroy all five Security Gatekeepers.  Hmm..  Maybe you should start making some money first.

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