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Game Difficulty and Hardcore Mode

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Game Difficulty and Hardcore Mode

Game Difficulty

The game's difficulty can be adjusted during gameplay at any time, back and forth, ranging from Very Easy to Very Hard.  The table below summarizes the effects of difficulty on gameplay:

                |Difficulty: |Player's Damage: |Enemy Damage: |
                |Very Easy   |       200%      |      50%     |
                |Easy        |       150%      |      75%     |
                |Normal      |       100%      |     100%     |
                |Hard        |        75%      |     150%     |
                |Very Hard   |        50%      |     200%     |

Hardcore Mode

Hardcore mode can be turned on at the start of the game, and while you *can* turn it off at any point during the game, you can not turn it back on again. Beating the game on hardcore mode grants you the Hardcore trophy or achievement. Realize that Hardcore is not a difficulty setting, it is merely additional realism making the game harder. This includes:

  • Wounds heal over time, meaning that stimpaks heal over time, and RadAway also removes radiation over time
  • Ammo has weight, so you can no longer infinitely collect ammunition from all over the game.
  • Your character will dehydrate, starve and suffer from sleep deprivation if you don't drink, eat, or rest enough.
  • Companions will die instead of falling unconscious.

The Freeside Slums

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Comments for Game Difficulty and Hardcore Mode

4 comments, latest first.
Jan 7th 2015 Guest
you cant turn it back on
ID #497500
May 23rd 2014 Guest
Once you turn hardcore mode off you have to start a new game to turn it back on. They do this to stop people from getting the related acheivment by turning on hardcore mode and playing the entire game with it. The game doesn't check for the in between parts. The game checks for the First Chance to turn it on (Leaving Doc Mitchells house) and The Ending (end of end slideshow) that's why you can't turn it back on
ID #387177
Sep 2nd 2012 Guest
wait until you you meet the doc at the door once you talk to him there then you can choose to turn hardcore off or on
ID #182642
Feb 22nd 2011 Guest
i can't seem to turn hardcore mode back on, please help
ID #29975
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