High Times

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough and Guide by Absolute Steve  

High Times

QUEST REWARD: 500 EXP, Freeside Fame, Followers Fame


1. Find Jacob Hoff.

2. Find Bill Ronte.

3. Help Bill Ronte with his alcoholism.

4. Help Jacob Hoff kick his addiction to Chems.

5. Take care of the drug dealer.

6. Collect ten doses of Fixer for Jacob. 

(Optional) Collect on dose each of Fixer, Psycho, and Buffout for Jacob.

7. Collect two doses of Fixer, Rad Away, and a bottle of Whiskey for Bill.

(Optional) Collect two doses of Fixer and a bottle of Whiskey for Bill. 

8. Return to Julie Farkas.

Head to the Old Mormon Fort in Freeside and talk to Julie Farkas about how rough things are in Freeside then ask if you can help to start the quest. Find Bill and Jacob in either order then confront Dixon, the local dealer. Pay Dixon or use a Speech 35 challenge, Black Widow, or kill him to deal with the dealer. With a Speech of 50 you can convince Jacob and Bill to be strong otherwise Jacob needs 10 Fixers and Bill needs two Fixers, a Rad Away, and Whiskey in order to kick the habit. Speak to Julie Farkas once you have helped the addicted to receive a chem of your choice, [500 EXPERIENCE POINTS], Followers Fame, and Freeside Fame.


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