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By Michael Monette

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Call of Duty 4 - Multiplayer

Create a Class
Aside from the five default classes (Assault, Spec Ops, Heavy Gunner, Demolitions, and Sniper), once you attain the rank of Lance Corporal (Lv4), you are given the option of creating your own class. The 'Create a Class' menu can be accessed from the default online multiplayer network screen. There are five slots that you can fill with specially designed classes. The creation of a new class consists of selecting one Primary Weapon, one Side Arm, and one Special Grenade (Flash, Stun, Smoke). You must also select three 'Perks' from three different perk sets. Selecting a Perk adds certain effects to your character.


Perk 1
C4 x2Initially available.Spawn with two C4 charges.
Special Grenades x3Initially available.Spawn with three extra special grenades (selectable from the 'Special Grenade' menu in Create a Class).
RPG-7 x2Initially available.Spawn with a rocket launcher (2 rockets).
Claymore x2Master Gunnery Sergeant I (Lv23)Spawn with two claymores.
Frag x3Colonel I (Lv41)Spawn with three frag grenades.
BandolierCaptain I (Lv32)Extra weapon ammunition.
Bomb SquadStaff Sergeant I (Lv14)Explosives placed on the map by enemies are visible.

Perk 2
Stopping PowerInitially available.Increased bullet damage.
JuggernautInitially available.Increased health.
Sleight of HandMaster Sergeant I (Lv20)Faster reload time.
Double Tap1st Lieutenant I (Lv29)Increased rate of fire.
OverkillLieutenant Colonel I (Lv38)Swap sidearm option for another primary weapon.
UAV JammerUnlocked at Sergeant I (Lv11)Undetectable on enemy radar.
Sonic BoomN/AHigher explosive weapon damage.

Perk 3
Extreme ConditioningInitially available.Sprint for longer distances.
Steady Aim-Increased hip-fire (shooting without aiming down the sights) accuracy.
Last StandCorporal I (Lv8)Pull out your pistol before dying.
MartyrdomGunnery Sergeant I (Lv17)Drop a live grenade upon death.
Deep Impact-Bullets can penetrate tougher cover.
Iron Lungs2nd Lieutenant I (Lv26)Can hold breath for a longer period of time while sniping (to steady aim).
Dead SilenceBrigadier General I (Lv44)Make less noise when moving.
EavesdropMajor I (Lv35)Hear enemy chat while near an enemy soldier.

Challenges are first unlocked when you reach the rank of Lance Corporal I (Lv5). The weapon class challenges (Assault, SMG, LMG, Shotgun, and Sniper) all consist of a Marksman and Expert challenge for each weapon in that class. The Marksman challenges are earned by getting a certain amount of kills with that challenge�s weapon (ex., MPS Marksman I, Get 25 kills with this weapon). Completing a Marksman challenge phase unlocks a sight for that weapon which can then be attached to a gun in Create a Class.

The Expert challenges are unlocked by getting a certain amount of headshots with that challenge�s weapon. Completing an Expert challenge phase will unlock a new camouflage pattern for that weapon. Aside from the camouflage patterns and sights, completing weapon challenges will also get you an XP reward. As you grow in rank and unlock new weapons, new weapon challenges will be unlocked to reflect this.

The non-weapon challenges (Boot Camp, Operations, Killer, Humiliation, Elite) only yield XP rewards which help boost your online rank. As with the weapon challenges, as you grow in level, new challenges and challenge sets become available. To view the different challenges, enter the 'Barracks menu' and select 'Challenges' if you have reached the rank of Lance Corporal I. Completing a challenge requires you to carry out the task described in the challenge menu.

Weapon List
As you grow in rank, new weapons are unlocked. These weapons can then be selected in Create a Class. The Primary Weapon and Side Arm selected is that class�s spawning weapon.

Assault Rifles
M16A4 - Initially available.
AK-47 - Initially available.
M4Carbine - Unlocked at Sergeant (Lv10)
G3 - Unlocked at 2nd Lieutenant (Lv25)
G36C - Unlocked at Lieutenant Colonel (Lv37)
M14 - Unlocked at Major General (Lv46)
MP44 - Unlocked at General (Lv52)

Sub Machine Guns
MP5 - Initially available.
Skorpion - Initially available.
Mini-Uzi - Unlocked at Staff Sergeant (Lv13)
AK-74u - Unlocked at 1st Lieutenant (Lv28)
P90 - Unlocked at Colonel (Lv40)

Light Machine Guns
M249 SAW - Initially available.
RPD - Initially available.
M60E4 - Unlocked at Master Sergeant (Lv19)

W1200 - Initially available.
M1014 - Unlocked at Captain (Lv31)

Sniper Rifles
M40A3 - Initially available.
M21 - Unlocked at Corporal (Lv7) Dragunov - Unlocked at Master Gunnery Sergeant (Lv22)
R700 - Unlocked at Major (Lv34)
Barrett .50cal - Unlocked at Lieutenant General (Lv49)

Side Arms
M9 - Initially available.
USP .45 - Initially available.
M1911 .45 - Unlocked at Gunnery Sergeant (Lv16)
Desert Eagle - Unlocked at Brigadier General (Lv43)

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