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By Michael Monette

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Call of Duty 4 - General Tips

The Essence of Cover
If you have never played a Call of Duty game before, the first thing you need to know is that this series is a TACTICAL FPS game, unlike other FPS games that you may have played before such as Halo. If you want to succeed, cover is essential. This is not a 'run and gun' title; attempting to clear a room Rambo style is a good way to get yourself killed. Use your surroundings to your advantage during a firefight.

Hide it off
If you are hit by some heavy enemy fire, the edges of the screen will condense and turn red. This means that you�re close to death. At this point, you can only survive a couple more bullets until it�s off to the morgue for you. To avoid unnecessary death, find some cover pronto and remain there until status reverts to normal.

Frag Grenades and Flash Bangs
While quite useless out in the open, both flash bangs and frag grenades can be effective to jumpstart a breach or clear out a small room packed with enemies. Enemies hit by a flash bang will stumble about and be generally unaware. Be sure not to stare directly at a thrown flash bang as you will suffer some potentially damning effects if caught in the flash.

Always watch out for thrown grenades. You�ll know whether or not you are in a grenade�s damage radius if the grenade indicator appears onscreen. The indicator points in the direction of the grenade that will potentially cause damage to you. When you see the indicator, sprint as far away from the grenade as you can. Thrown grenades can be picked up and thrown back only if the hand symbol replaces the grenade. However, throwing a grenade is not advisable; it would be best to simply get out of the way. If you are trapped, however, throwing the grenade is all that can be done.

Cars and Red Barrels as Cover?
No! Keep away from any car that is on fire. A flaming car will soon explode, guaranteeing a death if you are hiding behind it. Destroyed cars, however, are fine. Never take cover behind a red barrel, no matter how conveniently placed it may be. Red barrels explode when shot, and you can be sure your enemies will take advantage if you decide to duck behind one.

Weak Cover
Some pieces of cover such as plywood, doors and some wooden crates, can be shot through. Use this knowledge to your advantage, it�ll especially come in handy if you ever encounter an enemy that is holding a door closed.

Tools of the Trade
The long-range weapons such as the Dragunov or M21 are arguably the best type of weapons to use in Call of Duty 4. These weapons allow you to hang back and pick off hostiles from a safe distance. While looking through the scope, pressing down on the Left Thumbstick (on the Xbox 360 version) causes your character to hold his breath, thereby steadying the aim. This only lasts for a short while, but it can be helpful.

Gray Matter
As with any FPS title, aim and shoot for the head to guarantee a kill.

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