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By Michael Monette

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Call of Duty 4 - Cheats

The cheats listed below are unlocked once a certain number of enemy intel items have been found. Once unlocked, these cheats can be activated by entering the pause menu, selecting �Options� and then �Cheats.�

Note: Activating cheats on the Xbox 360 version disables achievement unlocking.

CoD Noir
Required: 2 Intel Items
Effect: Black and white display.

Required: 4 Intel Items
Effect: Inverted color display.

Super Contrast
Required: 6 Intel Items
Effect: High contrast display.

Ragtime Warfare
Required: 8 Intel Items
Effect: Time speeds up, changes normal display to an old-film look and changes the soundtrack.

Cluster Bombs
Required: 10 Intel Items
Effect: Thrown frag grenades detonate several times.

A Bad Year
Required: 15 Intel Items
Effect: Killed enemies turn into tires.

Slow-Mo Ability
Required: 20 Intel Items
Effect: Melee (Push down on the Right Thumbstick on the Xbox 360 version) to enable slow-mo.

Infinite Ammo
Required: 30 Intel Items
Effect: As the name implies, weapon ammunition is unlimited.

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