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Two things!!

For all the people that post "RATE MY TEAM" sort of stuff on the "CHEATS" section, we can't exactly tell you what's wrong, so STOP PLEASE! It just clogs up the page.

Also, don't post "how do you do this" and "help I don't get this" or "this isnt working.. Why?" stuff in the cheats section, that belongs in the QUESTIONS section.

Now for my cheat-ish thing

You people all think that that nintendo made a mistake by having the trainer by nugget bridge say "i saw your feat from the grass"

Well they didn't. They mean feat like something you did, and if you talk to him afterwards, he says the trainers on nugget bridge scared him, so he has reason to call it a feat, not feet.


Last time I checked, he couldnt have seen your FEET from the grass, seeing as he is around as tall as you. He would see YOU from the grass, so nintendo meant "i saw your FEAT from the grass"

The people at nintendo aren't stupid.

Added 16 Jul 2006, ID #8615, by fantasyfan611
Ask.com and get

Get more Fans in Saffron City

When you first beat the Poke'mon League, you start off with 3 fans. What I noticed was when I beat the League 75 times and battled by friend, winning 4 out of 7 matches. The Karate guy, who favored his Master over me, became my fan. So, I'm thinking if you beat the League as many times as you want and battle more of your friends, then you can maybe get the whole Club on your side.

Added 28 Jun 2006, ID #8464, by KingofGreats

Finding alot of berries easily

You'll start to find alot of berries when you reach Pewter City. After you feel comfortable about beating Brock, go to your next stop, Cerulean City. One of Oak's helpers will give you the running shoes. Move on and defeat the Lass, Bug Catchers, and the Younger. After you do that there will be a ledge that you can jump down to. You see that small black dot in the middle of the area? That will be a berry. Be me quest and take it! The next one that you'll find is near Mnt. Moon. It's all the way up in the left hand corner, on the left of the Poke'mon Center. There's lots to find!

Added 27 Jun 2006, ID #8447, by KingofGreats

Sleeping Cure!

When your Pokemon falls asleep and you don't have any awakenings, don't panic! Use your Poke Flute!

Added 6 Jun 2006, ID #8261, by superskulldude9

Two Things

First thing, super cheats staff, osm-uk has copied off ign his screen name is jack on ign.Second, To get to sky pillar on emarald, you must go to that water city (city on water) and slid through the top rocks.Thats all ~Team Pokemon~

Added 9 Apr 2006, ID #7889, by Team Pokemon

Ho-oh and Lugia

You find them at navel Rock. But you can only get there if you have the Mystic ticket (obtained at Nintendo Events). Ho-oh's area will have sacred ash.

Added 7 Mar 2006, ID #7661, by MasterMilotic


If you have 30 different Pokemon in your Pokedex, an assistant to Professor Oak will give you the Itemfinder at the gate between Routes 11 and 12. You can use it to find invisible treasures in a variety of locations.

Added 17 Dec 2005, ID #7233, by MP Sniper


When you defeat the league twice go in to saffron.go to the fan club and talk to the lady at the back she should say that she was your biggest fan but :your name: is better

Added 23 Oct 2005, ID #6753, by mewrocks


This little monster can be found around the safari zone or in viridian forest

Added 15 Aug 2005, ID #6205, by punk100

Esy-Hard way to caputre legendary dog(s).

Onceyou beat Elite Four and get National Dex look around Kanto region and somewhere you'll batlle dog ( takes a long time) the the dog runs away now look in your national dex go to the legendary dog and go to the screnn that tells you where to capture that PKMN. Note that your legendary pokemon will move quikly around towns and routes so act fast. Irecamend you have a Digglet or Dugtrio with arena trap at levels 50 or higher. and alot of ulta balls and if you have a master ball good for you.

Added 17 Jul 2005, ID #5873, by K1RA


I don't know if it's just mine or what, but whenever I use the code(GameShark) for "access your PC", press B, B, a box pops up in front of me! The real problem is, you can't walk through it. I found this out the hard way(locked myself in a house).

Added 11 May 2005, ID #5007, by fireredhotshot

Berry Program Update

At the screen when it says to press start press select + B at the same time to update your berry program on sapphire or ruby.

Added 19 Jan 2005, ID #4136, by the cheat master

Mystery Gift (and other stuff)

Ok once you have Mystery Gift and your at the main menu (continue, New game, options etc.)you have to be linked up with someone else with mystery gift.

Once you have, both of you select mystery gift and press A then you should have a mystery gift.

Added 27 Nov 2004, ID #3783, by robin_hoody


To get surf go to the Saffary zone and go to the secret house at the end.

PS-You can only use it when you beat the Fusha city gym leader

PSS-I've got a joke - whats invisible and smells like carrets??????
rabbet fart^_^

Added 24 Oct 2004, ID #3601, by fisherevan

More Info on Deoxys

The 9th island is on the bottom left of the 3rd island. There should be some triangle there you will have to solve a puzzel. get it right and Deoxys will attack. POKEBALL GO!!!!!!

Added 30 Sep 2004, ID #3432, by And thats the tooth


Deoxys can be found on the ninth Rainbow Island.

Added 12 Jul 2004, ID #2841, by And thats the tooth
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