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master ball cheat game shark code for Pokemon FireRed

master ball cheat

First you must put the master code
000014D1 000A
10044EC8 0007
Master ball code-
82003884 0001
Everything costs 1$
3C25A344 FD8F451C
AD86124F 2823D8DA
Then go on a pokemart and buy some stuff

Added by: konmanya
Jun 24th 2009, ID#12795


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Jul 2nd 2016 voxkio gaming
where do you renew the codes on the orginal fire red for the gba 1
ID #663609
Jun 28th 2016 MshariFIFA
Thank You Helper123!!!
ID #662699
Jun 27th 2016 MshariFIFA
Cheats Never Work Again On VBA Any More Why?
ID #662504
Feb 27th 2016 MangaFighter152
I've encountered a problem. So when I did it the first time it worked and now it doesn't want to work. I know that it CAN work for gba4ios but it just doesn't want to work. Wth
ID #637671
Jan 8th 2016 Token_Houstone
Help please. I'm using the paid version of classic boy emulator. I got the rare candies cheat to work but not the master ball cheat to work. I kno it's a code breaker. Do I have to put the two cheats together for it to work? Thanks.
ID #633260
Dec 6th 2015 Guest
ID #631274
Nov 27th 2015 Guest
ID #628821
Nov 20th 2015 Guest
if you are using my boy just claim it on your'e pc
ID #626691
Nov 19th 2015 Guest
huh. this is not so Cool. Suhh.
ID #626628
Oct 28th 2015 Guest
Doesn't work for me...
ID #620503
Oct 16th 2015 Guest
Did everything and went to a shop clearly a normal pokeball only instead Master Ball only
Help plsss
ID #616930
Dec 6th 2015 awesome 88
It says poke ball but it is actually a masterball
ID #631477
Oct 16th 2015 Guest
Were do I put the code
ID #616911
Oct 12th 2015 Guest
SHOP Cheat!
ID #615982
Oct 2nd 2015 Guest
Master ball code spent work.........
ID #613145
Sep 13th 2015 Guest
ID #608023
Oct 9th 2015 Guest
how did you do that
ID #615192
Sep 1st 2015 Guest
Where do I enter the codw
ID #604624
Sep 1st 2015 Guest
Worked perfectly for me. For those who didn't know the Master code and Master Ball code are CodeBreakers and the Everything=1$ is a ActionReplay.
ID #604548
Aug 26th 2015 Guest
If you are using a phone like Samsung galaxy this is what I put in and thrn I went to item storage and they were there. Sometimes you have to withdraw if it says 1 and then the rest will appeaer.

Master code: 83005000 61A1
Rare candy: 82025840 0044
Masterball: 82025840 0001
(For me anything works of I just replace the last 4.)
ID #602580
Sep 26th 2015 Guest
Thank you!
ID #611675
Sep 13th 2015 Guest
Ok I don't quite understand how this works. I'm using my note 4 and I'm assuming that after I buy the My boy app from the playstore I see a suggestion box that says cheats . I'm aware once I clicked that seperate screen says I could add cheats ... ok got that part but what about when putting the codes in ? Do each code supposed to go on their own seperate "tab" ? Any suggestions I'm just trying to have all 3 starter pokemon on my fire red edition
ID #608031
Nov 20th 2015 Guest
Did you ever get an answer to your question. I need the same answer
ID #626871
Oct 3rd 2015 Guest
You should have 3 boxes one with the cheat name one with the type of code and one for the cheat code
ID #613641
Sep 5th 2015 Guest
tnx for your code
ID #605802
Aug 21st 2015 Guest
not working but , was before
ID #600659
Aug 14th 2015 Guest
What's the master code?!?!
ID #598134
Aug 13th 2015 Guest
I love it ,it works try and download my boy app in your phone and try it
ID #597566
Aug 7th 2015 marzman 21
Can the code be used on an emulator for Android
ID #595282
Aug 3rd 2015 Guest
It works!!!Thanks a lot!
ID #593131
Jul 29th 2015 Guest
Works fine for me.-HSK Grimm
ID #590936
Jul 23rd 2015 Guest
what shoud i do if the master ball never works
ID #588231
Oct 11th 2015 Guest
If it not worked leave it
ID #615892
Jul 22nd 2015 Guest
does it work on no$gba emulator?
ID #587727
Jul 18th 2015 Guest
mew is a best pokemon
ID #586029
Jul 10th 2015 Guest
How do you get the master ball cheat on a Nokia phone app of the game?
ID #582766
Jul 9th 2015 Guest
How it will be enabled?
ID #582108
Jul 4th 2015 Tyga_25
Do you have to be in a certain part of the game for the cheat to work???
ID #579718
Jul 3rd 2015 Guest
Dude its workking
ID #579497
Jun 13th 2015 Guest
what is the master code
ID #569885
Jun 17th 2015 Guest
Master code is the code which activates the pokemon cheat for suppose i going put cheat cheat bulbasa r83007cee0003 then u go to the grass and see
ID #571488
Jun 22nd 2015 Guest
where do pu the space
ID #574142
Jun 13th 2015 Guest
OMG thanks I have 1673 Pokémon now
ID #569652
Jun 10th 2015 Guest
OMG thanks I have 127 Pokémon now
ID #568285
Jun 8th 2015 Guest
Dude just infinite master balls in pc
ID #567292
Oct 27th 2015 Guest
What is the description for master ball code for fire red
ID #620179
May 16th 2015 Guest
Guys if Ur using my boy free! Dunt use the master cheat jus use the master ball cheat n go buy master balls at pokemart
ID #556680
May 16th 2015 Guest
Spell like a boss :D
ID #557150
May 14th 2015 Guest
i need help Myboy cheat plsss
ID #556272
May 13th 2015 Guest
Theses dont work
ID #555772
May 13th 2015 Guest
Worked great! Thanks!!
ID #555705
May 5th 2015 Guest
ID #552197
Apr 15th 2015 drewlee23
listen nearly everyone's master ball code isnt working because the mastercode is a 2 line code,2 line code only work on the my boy gba app that you have to buy,not the free one.the free app cant use 2 line codes.which sucks.
ID #543405
Aug 5th 2015 Guest
you can use 2 line codes but you have to write it in 2 cheat. means you need 2 master codes
ID #593991
Oct 19th 2015 Guest
You are right
ID #617927
Jun 3rd 2015 Guest
Dude look for myboy paid apk on google. Why? Because you can get the app for free
ID #565167
Apr 15th 2015 Guest
listen nearly everyone's master ball code isnt working because the mastercode is a 2 line code,2 line code only work on the my boy gba app that you have to buy,not the free one.the free app cant use 2 line codes.which sucks.
ID #543404
Apr 15th 2015 Guest
it didn't work.
ID #543108
Apr 14th 2015 Guest
I already know that this is GOOD
ID #542943
Apr 12th 2015 Guest
I already put the master code and the master ball code enabled but I didn't get a single master ball what should I do next.
ID #541508
Apr 28th 2015 Guest
Go to the Poke mart if you haven't found out yet, should be for free but you'll have to keep pressing A, it only does one at a time
ID #549209
Apr 6th 2015 Guest
Hey, sorry to post this question but I can't seem to find the answer? Where do I put in the codes on my GBA (console NOT emulator)? I tried going on the pc's in pokecenters and in Pallet Town but can't find a way to write any codes or numbers anywere?
ID #538430
May 3rd 2015 Guest
Go buy it from a pokemart for 0. Thats how this code works.
ID #551271
Apr 9th 2015 Guest
It only works with emulators or if you have a Gameshark or action replay
ID #540300
Mar 25th 2015 Guest
does anyone know if it works also on pc vba?
ID #532841
Mar 23rd 2015 Guest
So cool dude, it works
ID #532320
Mar 13th 2015 Guest
In my GBA advanced you don't even need the master code for it to work. Go to pallet town reds house. Go upstairs and go to the pc, and withdraw your item. I used three cheats and thats it.
ID #528101
Feb 12th 2015 Guest
It works. you have to go to a pokemon market and buy a pokeball one at a time to get the master ball its a slow process but it works
ID #514875
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