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Rare Candies game shark code for Pokemon FireRed

Rare Candies

This code does not require a Master Code.


Have fun leveling your pokemon!

Added by: Shabamdead
Feb 8th 2010, ID#13002

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Mar 24th 2017 CookiePlayz_
i actually still have a gameshark from when i was a kid. lol this works so well with the actual game
ID #713944
Mar 6th 2017 SurNinja42
How to use codes like this (FireRed, MyBoy - Android GBA Emu [I got Full Version]):


Step 0) Turn off or delete any code on your Cheat Code List
Step 1) Stand outside of a Pokemon Center
Step 2) Save your game
Step 3) Create your new cheat
Code Name: Rare Candy
Code Type: CodeBreaker
Code: 820258400044
When you save it, it should be already activated.
(if you've already created the cheat code, just activate it)
Step 4) Get inside the Pokemon Center
Step 6) Go to PC -> Item Storage
Step 7) Withdraw ONLY 1 Rare Candy
Step 8) Check if the Rare Candies in storage are double, if not, means it's successful. If it is true, it means it has bugged,so close the game and redo all the steps above.
Step 9) Exit and go back to item storage again and grab as many as you want, BUT do not press the DOWN BUTTON. Just pick numbers from 001 to 999.

I've been using this for 4 years now.

Sliced and stitched by: SurNinja42
ID #711083
Jan 10th 2017 lilpurp
its been a while since i played so wanted to try playing using cheats!! i found this code and will say it works but it really upset me to lose all my items in my pc and my bag to a only rare candy slots. so i played around with it and figured out how to keep it to ne slot in the pc, once you enter the cheat open up your item pc, once open and you see that there is a rare candy open up the cheats menu again and turn off the cheat, now once you withdraw one rare candy it will replace the number of items with-?xx and you can now just withdraw all the candies you want without it deleting your other items and losing them......hope this helps others tooo!!
ID #701831
Jul 26th 2016 CadeTheTamer
In addition to my last comment, I noticed there was a master code in the comments about a android version, now does the android actually need that? Because I ended up trying it and it seemed to help but now none of its working. I'm using the my boy app and am running fire red in a .zip file on a Samsung Galaxy s3
ID #670145
Jul 26th 2016 CadeTheTamer
My code was working perfectly fine. I had to restart it a few times but that's whatever but now, it won't work whatsoever. Tried retyping several times, restarted, pushed all the buttons (In case it was a trigger) and moved around and reopened the bag with no more luck.
ID #670142
Feb 28th 2016 Blairdragneel
how do I get rid of them? My PC is full of them and it's annoying
ID #637841
Feb 12th 2016 Guest
This is the best, now my charmander is level 100
ID #634801
Dec 9th 2015 Guest
ID #632040
Dec 11th 2015 Guest
what is the cheat code for rare candy
ID #632706
Dec 4th 2015 Guest
didnt work
ID #630874
Nov 30th 2015 Guest
I'm using the app My Boy. Can I ask something? What is the cheat name? the cheat type? the cheat code of rarceandy?
ID #629893
Feb 13th 2016 XxSonic4xX
The cheat name can be anything. I named mine "Rare andys" because my C key failed
The cheat type you ask? Simple. Code Breaker.
The cheat code? 82025840 0044. Use different numerals in the last 4 digits ti get different items. You will find the rare candies in the Item Storage System. (ISS)
ID #635125
Nov 25th 2015 Guest
It just got rid of all my stuff in my bag😤😤😤😤😤
ID #628385
Nov 24th 2015 Guest
Please help me
ID #628146
Nov 21st 2015 Guest
Not working :(
ID #627225
Nov 24th 2015 Guest
go to your pc
ID #628053
Nov 9th 2015 Guest
How do u enter it?
ID #623621
Nov 2nd 2015 Guest
Can some one tell me that will you can share one cheat with me if you are telling yes then thank you tell me the cheat for mobile unlimited rare candy can please give me that cheat please
ID #621759
Dec 6th 2015 Guest
820258400044. This is it for mobile. Name of cheat is rare candy and the type keep it as it is..
ID #631519
Nov 1st 2015 Guest
It worked! Good job and thank you
ID #621659
Sep 13th 2015 Guest
where do i write it in?
ID #607856
Sep 10th 2015 Guest
ID #607130
Aug 9th 2015 Guest
i can't get it to work on gpsp kai it says enabled to both master code and the candy code but none works
ID #595831
Jul 30th 2015 Guest
its not working on my phone. any tips or help?
ID #591546
Nov 3rd 2015 Guest
How do you activate them
ID #622184
Jul 29th 2015 Guest
I used this cheat but now i cant
Get rid of them plz help
ID #590853
Jul 31st 2015 Guest
go to your pc and withdraw it from your pc
ID #592088
Jul 21st 2015 Guest
i entered it didn't give me the rare candies
ID #587362
Jul 18th 2015 Guest
How do you enter it?
ID #586189
Jul 15th 2015 5igma6ix
If you are using it on a phonea and not a PC:
Master code/ Must have on code
83005000 61A1

Item code 82025840 xxxx
The xxxx-
0001 Masterball
0044 Candy
0019 Max Revive
0013 Full Restore
002D Sacred Ash
00C5 Lucky Egg
ID #584765
Sep 15th 2015 Guest
How do you do it
ID #608611
Jul 30th 2015 Guest
its not working
ID #591547
Jun 26th 2015 Guest
Wat is the code
ID #575681
Jun 24th 2015 Guest
any shiny cheats?
ID #574934
Jun 23rd 2015 Guest
i know a bunch of codes
ID #574322
Jun 19th 2015 Guest
it worked thanks check it in your item storage and its there
ID #572300
Jun 20th 2015 Guest
Withdraw it then another will appear with a ?, then click on it and withdraw any amount you want
ID #572893
Jun 8th 2015 Guest
Wtf it won't work i need help and i have the my boy app it only gave me one rare can
ID #567404
Jul 2nd 2015 Guest
It worked for me. First it showed rare candy 0 but when I used it, it came again next again. It's infinite
ID #578685
Jun 4th 2015 Guest
Its Code Breaker and they are in your PC
ID #565614
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