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Items you can have cheat for Pokemon FireRed


Items you can have

First of all you have to copy the first code that is 82003884 then copy these codes like this 82003884 xxxx here they are

0001 = Master Ball
0002 = Ultra Ball
0003 = Great Ball
0004 = Poke Ball
0005 = Safari Ball
0006 = Net Ball
0007 = Dive Ball
0008 = Nest Ball
0009 = Repeat Ball
000A = Timer Ball
000B = Luxury Ball
000C = Premier Ball
005D = Sun Stone
005E = Moon Stone
005F = Fire Stone
0060 = Thunder Stone
0061 = Water Stone
0062 = Leaf Stone
0067 = Tiny Mushroom

Mmz mm = Coin Case
0105 = ItemFinder
0106 = Old Rod
0107 = Good Rod
0108 = Super Rod
0109 = S.S. Ticket
010A = Contest Pass
010C = Wailmer Pail
010D = Devon's Goods
010E = Soot Sack
010F = Basement Key
0110 = Acro Bike
0111 = PokeBlock Case
0112 = Letter
0113 = Eon Ticket
0114 = Red Orb
0115 = Blue Orb
0116 = Scanner
0117 = Go-Goggles
0118 = Meteorite
0119 = Rm.1 Key
011A = Rm.2 Key
011B = Rm.4 Key
011C = Rm.6 Key
011D = Storage Key
011E = Root Fossil
011f -- claw fossil
0120 = Devon Scope
0121 = TM01 (Focus Punch)
0122 = TM02 (Dragon Claw)
0123 = TM03 (Water Pulse)
0124 = TM04 (Calm Mind)
0125 = TM05 (Roar)
0126 = TM06 (Toxic)
0127 = TM07 (Hail)
0128 = TM08 (Bulk Up)
0129 = TM09 (Bullet Seed)
012A = TM10 (Hidden Power)
012B = TM11 (Sunny Day)
012C = TM12 (Taunt)
012D = TM13 (Ice Beam)
012E = TM14 (Blizzard)
012F = TM15 (Hyper Beam)
0130 = TM16 (Light Screen)
0131 = TM17 (Protect)
0132 = TM18 (Rain Dance)
0133 = TM19 (Giga Drain)
0134 = TM20 (Safeguard)
0135 = TM21 (Frustration)
0136 = TM22 (Solar Beam)
0137 = TM23 (Iron Tail)
0138 = TM24 (Thunderbolt)
0139 = TM25 (Thunder)
013A = TM26 (Earthquake)
013B = TM27 (Return)
013C = TM28 (Dig)
013D = TM29 (Psychic)
013E = TM30 (Shadow Ball)
013F = TM31 (Brick Break)
0140 = TM32 (Double Team)
0141 = TM33 (Reflect)
0142 = TM34 (Shock Wave)
0143 = TM35 (Flamethrower)
0144 = TM36 (Sludge Bomb)
0145 = TM37 (Sandstorm)
0146 = TM38 (Fire Blast)
0147 = TM39 (Rock Tomb)
0148 = TM40 (Aerial Ace)
0149 = TM41 (Torment)
014A = TM42 (Facade)
014B = TM43 (Secret Power)
014C = TM44 (Rest)
014D = TM45 (Attract)
014E = TM46 (Thief)
014F = TM47 (Steel Wing)
0150 = TM48 (Skill Swap)
0151 = TM49 (Snatch)
0152 = TM50 (Overheat)
0153 = HM01 (Cut)
0154 = HM02 (Fly)
0155 = HM03 (Surf)
0156 = HM04 (Strength)
0157 = HM05 (Flash)
0158 = HM06 (Rock Smash)
0159 = HM07 (Waterfall)
015A = HM08 (Dive)

0160 = {Bike Voucher}

0165 = {Dome Fossil}
0166 = {Helix Fossil}
0167 = {Silph Scope}
0168 = {Bicycle}
0169 = {Town Map}
016A = {Battle Searcher}
016B = {Voice Checker}
016C = {TM Case}
016D = {Berry Bag}
016E = {Help TV}
016F = {Tri-Pass}
0170 = {Rainbow Pass}
0171 = {Tea}
0172 = {Mystery Ticket}
0173 = {Aurora Ticket}
0174 = {Konaire}
0175 = {Ruby Plate}
0176 = {Sapphire Plate}
01F4 = [Jail Key]
01F5 = [Elevator Key]
01F6 = [Small Tablet]

After when you copy these codes go to the mart and then buy you will see the item

Added by: Guest Mar 5th 2011, ID#13405



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56 comments, latest first.
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Dec 8th 2016 HeshamCraft Avatar HeshamCraft
I tried rare candy aND it works then I tried moon stones and it didn't work only my pc give me rare candies
ID #695805
Oct 5th 2016 GBoss1998 Avatar GBoss1998
How about big mushroom
ID #685767
Sep 29th 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
How bout exp. Share
ID #612573
Sep 14th 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
Got a code tail for pp up or pp max items?
[img][img][/img] [/img]
ID #608439
Aug 1st 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
Silph scope won't work
ID #592333
Jul 10th 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
Didn't work
ID #582602
May 17th 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
How do you get rare candys
ID #557619
Mar 2nd 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
The exact is 82025840 0000 or whatever
ID #523148
Sep 12th 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
It's not 0000 it's 0044
ID #607780
Aug 10th 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
it doesnt work u genius
ID #596336
Jan 31st 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
Works like a charm well at least the masterball one I havent tried the rest
ID #510013
Jan 16th 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
They are valid and most likely work but I have a emulator so I don't know how to use cheats.
ID #502601
Oct 5th 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
Hi guys this is a GAMESHARK code and they do work perfectly thank you sooo!! much for telling us this you have made the game better.
ID #454943
Sep 30th 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
the moonstone doent work
ID #453228
Sep 24th 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
ok this is rock
ID #451420
Aug 19th 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
i used the sapphire one and celio wouldn't take it......i dont want to start my game over but i need the sapphire to work. any ideas?
ID #438326
Aug 9th 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
it can't work
ID #433538
Aug 3rd 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
The fossils don't work and I can't get ride of them
ID #430292
Jul 7th 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
Video Help?
ID #413482
Jul 5th 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
These cheats do wrk and they r CODE BREAKER. They wrk 4 gba4ios
ID #412762
May 22nd 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
ID #386946
May 18th 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
WHERE WE PUT THE CODE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ID #385477
Apr 22nd 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
This code works .you need an action replay device to use it on your gameboy
ID #377620
Mar 29th 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
It won't let me get a coin case
ID #369262
Mar 22nd 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
the fossils dont work
ID #366914
Mar 5th 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
Codes work except the tri pass mystery ticket and aurora ticket, I type in the codes and I can get them at the market but won't let me use it on the ship to go to 8 and 9 island
ID #361353
Mar 3rd 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
What code do I type to get a poke flute
ID #360750
Aug 20th 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
Just go to the lavender town and talk to old man inside the house . i dont know what house it is just check every house . then you can a pokeflute
ID #600449
Feb 25th 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
These codes are amazing they all work and thanks a lotSmile

ID #358722
Feb 5th 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
it is work
ID #352096
Jan 31st 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
Where do we insert the codes
ID #350256
Jan 28th 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
Need infinite money plz
ID #349351
Feb 15th 2016 Guest AvatarGuest
use the rare candy cheat and sell the candies. they go for 2400 each at the pokemarts.
ID #635479
Jan 11th 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
how i can type the code??
ID #342242
Dec 27th 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
i cant see any changes
ID #334762
Oct 3rd 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
ID #312435
Sep 9th 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
ID #309002
Aug 5th 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
Can't get to birth island and two other island why
ID #302740
Apr 7th 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
cheat shiny pokemon?
ID #271611
Mar 24th 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
The mystic and aurora ticket codes don't work. Anything special about them.
ID #266835
Dec 31st 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
and rare candy?
ID #232996
Aug 2nd 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
where do you download this
ID #171489
May 3rd 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
Hi Guys! The Codes are working well... You just have to remove the space between...Then it will work...Happy to help!
ID #138978
Feb 22nd 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
These are Codebreaker codes. And they do work.

They change the first item in the mart to the item that you want. So you still have to buy it.

You can combine it with this code:

3C25A344 FD8F451C
AD86124F 2823D8DA

This is a GameShark Code. If you use it, all the items in the mart will cost 1$!!

Hope this helps ;)
ID #117339
May 7th 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
it works but i can't use the auroraticket
ID #552923
Feb 14th 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
not working!
ID #114959
Jan 6th 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
ID #103461
Aug 4th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
the description is?
ID #64153
Jun 16th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
is it codebreaker or gameshark
ID #49735
May 25th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
damn it! the TM's are priceful!
ID #44980
May 20th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
This codes arent working
ID #43905
Apr 25th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
[color=red][/color] AuuuMah Gaaahd :D I cant get my Master balls! :S Is this for buying in Marts, or should it pop up in my bag? Oh, and is this a CodeBreaker or a GameShark ? Smile
ID #39675
Apr 22nd 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
this is a gameshark code
ID #38969
Mar 29th 2011 Guest AvatarGuest
where do you insert the codes?
ID #34826
Mar 28th 2011 pokemaster1308 Avatar pokemaster1308
where do we put these codes in??? :S
ID #34614
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