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Level Modifier game shark code for Pokemon FireRed

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Level Modifier


Use this code in conjunction with an encounter code. This code will set level of the next Pokemon that you encounter in the wild.

It requires the use of Master Code

Here it is:

Pokemon Fire Red Mastercode:

000014D1 000A

1003dae6 0007

Pokemon Leaf Green Mastercode:

00000554 000A

1003dae6 0007

Level Modifier

33007CF0 00XX

Simply replace the 'XX' with the level of the Wild Pokemon you want to appear.

This only works: levels 1-99

If you don't like this you these codes also:




CCD017E8 EF04228C


030153ED F13BE59A


FC268589 C5E4E44E

Example: FireJP LV100:

030153ED F13BE59A

56307399 25DF4466


Level 1: 8BB602F7 8CEB681A.

Level 2: 00939804 4086FF3B.

Level 3: 2BD38F05 D5A578B1.

Level 4: 5685B807 3787DACB.

Level 5: A9E4EA45 3651CADD.

Level 6: E37D365E D7EAB6AB.

Level 7: 51374592 F7A27768.

Level 8: A08DD229 10D187E3.

Level 9: D84D4738 70F68A80.

Level 10: 4C6C2B8C CD0528EB.

Level 11: 1F1785AC 433A6DC2.

Level 12: B4F6F07D 8F56BA40.

Level 13: E32BCCB1 07782CD6.

Level 14: D4ABF236 D713B4E0.

Level 15: 3CD3295F 921F1D1C.

Level 16: B9C51F47 95395496.

Level 17: 784E8A1B 83A3E0EF.

Level 18: 902D754C 80AFE55F.

Level 19: 9D362B43 96A4D044.

Level 20: 8C434E48 F703A9E1.

Level 21: CC449941 F0BBB13A.

Level 22: CEDDB323 FFA50BB1.

Level 23: 4688F12F FF9DBE10.

Level 24: F6DA2242 E2EDA644.

Level 25: 2D02A8EA 9B748C49.

Level 26: 9D2895EF 6A2BEE59.

Level 27: 1BB7262E 80989B57.

Level 28: 79693C0B A82C5A23.

Level 29: B98E773A D6E0D6AD.

Level 30: A457FA67 BCD9C478.

Level 31: 881976CC 20B658FF.

Level 32: 0073F88A 0A4E81B6.

Level 33: 792E7A0F F4BF8DDB.

Level 34: 0965B686 64E170F2.

Level 35: C70600E8 789A0DAC.

Level 36: 0CF8B98B 706A26BE.

Level 37: 2E7A201E 5EDBDEE3.

Level 38: 9B169FF5 CBABA5A6.

Level 39: 7928BBA3 C55BBEAB.

Level 40: 155D7103 D66B8A15.

Level 41: 7B9DFCEF 830C6BDA.

Level 42: BA697C16 93D76910.

Level 43: CCED8F7A 8EC0F43C.

Level 44: 58EAABBC FC3CA9C2.

Level 45: 710D8A2D 45E999F3.

Level 46: 2EC0F0EC 6B1A061F.

Level 47: E951E67F BFD89E41.

Level 48: B743EDBF B82BB83A.

Level 49: 4BF9418B EFC87C19.

Level 50: CBEB73A3 90A08906.

Level 51: 9818C0C6 E03F8431.

Level 52: 8A448A37 583B581C.

Level 53: 1855C5A3 70B67919.

Level 54: 72898F14 3F2CD864.

Level 55: 3E7B9D1E 5CE7F0DC.

Level 56: B62795CF CEAE6A48.

Level 57: 05858D31 D4449EFE.

Level 58: 314DD562 05A14AD1.

Level 59: 1DE20256 C4AB72E6.

Level 60: 202ABE52 BDC4E314.

Level 61: 8AA97E8E D5A80225.

Level 62: 8655EB8B 26823B03.

Level 63: ACFA01BA 15A282DC.

Level 64: AFD8D98B 21E6E4D4.

Level 65: 1C2D3029 63D27E35.

Level 66: 23D312F1 77111159.

Level 67: 20999F30 F1874934.

Level 68: 51CF1F27 2E270374.

Level 69: 845807DF 2140D018.

Level 70: 628E474E E708D501.

Level 71: DF5B6268 4EC6A43E.

Level 72: 7781E696 7D4D1BAB.

Level 73: 2390ED5B F7A08F55.

Level 74: FD22366B 83B5DB98.

Level 75: 39E224D9 232864F2.

Level 76: 2056B422 AB6E09BD.

Level 77: 600E909B 524CA077.

Level 78: 2E14F003 6BE9DAB3.

Level 79: 287541CA 8951C140.

Level 80: 9675F502 DB139F05.

Level 81: BB099C03 1B03F256.

Level 82: 6DC87BB5 6FE8ACDD.

Level 83: D82A82B0 CAB7DFD4.

Level 84: F738C6D5 A33DF2E1.

Level 85: FB80C720 E028C27A.

Level 86: 1906A7C9 D7EBAA39.

Level 87: D31623FE 50011104.

Level 88: D052E037 C6886109.

Level 89: A4E99E04 BB9B2A8F.

Level 90: 750CEC25 D42EAE36.

Level 91: 1CAC5FD6 92679660.

Level 92: A5CCA03B 7FED218A.

Level 93: 08CBA806 AE4A2260.

Level 94: 722C0931 68DA1B05.

Level 95: 32DCE4F7 2ABBC366.

Level 96: 9F6EE1B2 D14F1E6F.

Level 97: 095F268D 77B7D906.

Level 98: C2955A45 B3CBC610.

Level 99: FCEFE173 1DCCEB51.

Level 100: 56307399 25DF4466.

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