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Out match the Elite 4! hint for Pokemon FireRed

Out match the Elite 4!

Note: This hint is designed for the first time you face the Elite 4 and not afterwards.

The first thing you will need to understand is that accuracy is everything. You will want to be using attacks with a high acuracy and a high PP, this first step is so simple anyone can accomplish it.
For example: those people who say to use thunder are far less likely to win than those who will tell you to use thunderbolt. This is for a very simple reason; the extra 30 power is not worth the huge drop in accuracy and as long as you set up some good stat boosts the difference is irrelevant anyway.

Below is the ideal team for taking on the Elite 4 without using the legendary Pokemon and below it is a simple overveiw of the attacks to use.

(All of these Pokemon should be between level 50 and 61 which is easily accomplished by grinding a little with the VS seeker found in the Vermillion Pokemon centre)

1. Venusaur
Sleep Powder, Razor Leaf, Sludge Bomb, Earthquake
2. Alakazam
Psychic, Calm Mind, Shock Wave, Toxic
3. Raichu
Thunderbolt, Facade, Double Team, Thunder Wave
4. Snorlax
Body Slam, Shadow Ball, Brick Break, Rock Slide
5. Dragonite
Flamethrower, Outrage, Fly, Return
6. Poliwrath
Surf, Strength, Bulk Up, Brick Break

(Items are entirely picked on each trainer's preference, I equip; Miracle Seed, Focus Band, Leftovers, Quick Claw, Focus Band, Leftovers consecutively)

In order to face the Elite 4 the team you use needs to be fully healed, I advise carrying a strong pair of items; revive and full restore , though expensive, have saved me several times and are always useful in a tricky situation.

The first opponent is Lorelei and is an Ice type trainer, she carries a couple of very nasty Pokemon with her.
Pokemon: Dewgong lv. 52, Slowbro lv. 52, Lapras lv. 54, Cloyster lv. 51, Jynx lv. 54
How to prevail: Raichu is always best here due to the water based team; in order to gain the best results I advise starting off with a thunder wave and 3 double teams (less if she has landed a couple of hits) this will make Raichu very hard to hit for the remainder of the match, after this setup spam thunderbolt until you see Lorelei is about to bring out her Jynx, when this happens swap out for Dragonite and use flamethrower for an easy win and switch back to Raichu to continue your thunderbolt spam. (Against Lapras it is advisable to set up Thunderwave and another double team if at all possible.)

Use any revives and full restores needed.

The second opponent is Bruno who holds rock and fighting Pokemon, he should be very, very simple with this team.
Pokemon: Onix lv. 51, Hitmonchan lv. 53, Hitmonlee lv. 53, Machamp lv. 56, Onix lv. 54
How to Prevail: To defeat the 2 Onix use your Venusaur's Earthquake for an easy win and taking very little damage if he lands a hit, for the three fighting types use Alakazam, set up two calm minds and proceed to destroy all 3 of them with psychic.

Use any revives and full restores needed.

The third opponent is Agatha and trains ghost and poison Pokemon, she will fall easily to good strategy.
Pokemon: Gengar lv. 54, Golbat lv. 54, Arbok lv. 56, Gengar lv. 58, Haunter lv. 53
How to prevail: to defeat her first Gengar use Snorlax, it's shadow ball will be super effective and Snorlax has huge health and defence, against the golbat or Arbok (whichever comes first) use Alakazam, set up 2 calm minds and proceed to spam psychic to destroy all of the rest of her Pokemon for an easy win.

Use any revives and full restores needed.

The fourth opponent is Lance and has Dragon Pokemon, a tricky fight but with a little luck very easy and with a good strategy and this team; no problem.
Pokemon: Gyarados lv. 56, Aerodactyl lv. 58, Dragonair lv. 54, Dragonair lv. 54, Dragonite lv. 60
How to prevail: Use Raichu and thunderbolt on both Gyarados and Aerodactyl (it is a common mistake that rock Pokemon are resistant to Electric, it is ground which is immune not rock so aerodactly takes a VERY nasty hit from thunderbolt due to being part flying) in order to defeat the 3 dragons you will want to use Dragonite (he learns outrage at level 61 in this game so if he is not strong enough yet use dragon claw instead) use outrage, if you are lucky it will hit 3 times, if not only twice but do not despair, summon snorlax to tank through it with body slam or use a full restore.

Use any revives and full restores needed.

The fifth opponent is your rival and is relatively simple to defeat with this team, he uses a selection of Pokemon and it changes with each starter however if you have Venusaur as I suggest he will be using;
Pokemon: Pidgeot lv. 61, Rhydon lv. 61, Alakazam lv. 59, Charizard lv. 65, Gyrados lv. 63, Exeggutor lv. 63
How to Prevail: He will start, as he always has, with Pidgeot, for this use Snorlax and attack with Rock Slide, when he summons Rhydon switch to Poliwrath or Venusaur and use Surf or Earthquake (though I suggest surf), against Alakazam use Snorlax and attack with Shadow Ball for a very quick win due to Alakazam's abismal defence, Against Charizard I suggest using Snorlax again as rock slide will wipe it out in one, for Gyarados I, as earlier, suggest thunderbolt from Raichu or if he has no PP left then use shock wave from Alakazam, finally to defeat exeggutor I suggest Dragonite as you can then spam either flamethrower or Fly (in the unlikely event of Dragonite's failure then Snorlax's Shadow ball will be equally effective or Alakazam can set up a toxic stall for you to heal Snorlax or Dragonite before use).

You have successfully defeated the Pokemon Leaf Green/Fire Red Elite 4 and can move onto the exploration of the Sevii Islands.
The Suggested Pokemon are not set by any degree and are very inter-changeable with other Pokemon. Poliwrath is lesser used and can easily be switched out for Starmie or Lapras if either is Prefered. Alakazam can be switched out with either Hypno or Gengar for higher defensive qualities. Raichu is very highly used but if you prefer then Electabuzz will have similar results but a more offensive moveset over the Stall moveset I suggest for Raichu. I suggest using Snorlax and Dragonite regardless of the other possibilities due to their huge physical attack and HP though if you choose Charizard as your starter then I suggest giving Dragonite Ice Beam over Flamethrower and if you have a wish to use a different Pokemon to Snorlax then Kengaskhan can be just as good though it has lower HP and attack but higher Defense and slightly better speed.

I hope this helped you to defeat the league in Pokemon Fire Red or Leaf Green and I would like to give a thank you to Volke whose 1st gen overveiw gave me the base of my movesets for the team.

All of the items and TM's I suggest are obtainable with a single copy of the game however Alakazam requires trading to obtain so if you do not have another copy or a friend to trade with then I suggest Hypno instead. Also, Facade and Sludge Bomb are not obtainable as TMs until after you reach the Sevii Islands but neither played a part in this overveiw so it's importance is not too great, I suggest filling the spaces on each Pokemon as follows; Facade with Iron Tail and Sludge Bomb with Leech Seed or Giga Drain. You will need two copies of TM31 (Brick Break), 1 is obtainable aboard the S.S.Anne and the other can be bought in Celadon, you will also need 9500 game corner coins for shadow ball, flamethrower and the miracle seed. You will also need to visit the move tutor in the Rock Tunnel for rock slide and obtain the itemfinder for the two leftovers. The focus band is held by wild Machoke which you will need to catch or use snatch to obtain the item. Finally the Quick Claw is found in the Safari Zone in Fuschia City.

Hope I Helped.

Added by: Unihorn3
Sep 6th 2012, ID#13791


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Mar 17th 2015 Guest
Any team would do it, just build a versatile team with a wide moveset and ul be able to slash your way through the league
its not rocket sience
ID #529665
Jan 6th 2013 Guest
Okay, first of all, you don't need all of those pokeomn and second is that some of those moves you said you taught your pokemon can't be obtained until after the national ppokedex. Based upon the pokemon you said the elite four had was before the national pokedex, which doesn't add up...
ID #238616
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